Upcoming DLC linked to Alan Wake in Control's Post Launch Roadmap

By Sean Carey, 10 days ago
If you've been playing through Control, you most likely would have unlocked quite a few of Controls achievements, and maybe you've come across a few subtle nods to the Alan Wake universe here and there. Now the roadmap for Control's post-launch content has been revealed. It looks like a photo mode, and a new game mode will be made available for free, and then two paid DLC expansions will be coming in 2020 — one with a not so subtle link to Alan Wake.

control post launch content DLC alan wake

If you look closely at the AWE expansion image, you can see that the top half of the letters AWE feature the Alan Wake box art in the background with a picture of Control underneath, likely confirming there is a crossover between the two games.

Photo Mode is coming this fall with a new end-game mode called Expeditions following in December. In Expeditions, Jesse must help Chief Arish explore the Formation and its surroundings. Here the Oldest House will challenge players to their limits. Upgraded gear and abilities are needed to survive.

Two paid expansions are coming to Control next year. Both will feature new story missions, enemies and game mechanics, while both being set in new locations in the Oldest House. The first DLC, "The Foundation" is coming in early 2020 and dives into the history of the Oldest House. Jesse will explore what lies beneath the Bureau to return order to the Foundation.

The second DLC, "AWE" will be released mid-2020 and Jesse will venture to the Investigations Sector of the Bureau where the organisation examines Altered World Events. We aren't exactly sure what Alan Wake content this could contain, but the image is more than enough to speculate that Alan Wake and Control are within the same universe.

Source: Control Blog

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