The New Fortnite Patch Features Greasy Grove and Moisty Palms

By Heidi Nicholas, 12 days ago
Still hunting those 45 Fortnite achievements? Epic Games have thrown a taco in the works with their latest V10.30 patch, which brings new changes to Battle Royale, Save the World and Creative.

v10.30 patch

Fortnite has always had its own unpredictable way of going about things, and Season X has been no exception. Now, the V10.30 patch brings a host of changes to the game. The patch notes introduce Moisty Palms to Battle Royale, a "swampy new Rift Zone" where crouching turns you into a prop, giving you a brief disguise.

Moisty Palms was created by the Rift Beacon at Paradise Palms. It's a "good place to keep a low profile": crouching will disguise players as a prop, a state which they can reverse with the Primary Fire button. Unfortunately, being a prop doesn't stop players taking damage.

Greasy Groves returns, but Durr Burger didn't return with it. Now, the food of the moment is tacos, and the smell of Spicy Tacos falling from the sky causes any players in the Zone to dance. Unlike the prop state of Moisty Palms, dancing under the taco rain makes players invulnerable to damage from others, and also allows players to gain back health at a rate of 20 HP per second — although Storm Damage will not be blocked. Eating Spicy Meatballs gives "10 Effective Health (sum of a player’s Health + Shield) and a temporary increase in movement speed (40% increase for 20 seconds)". However, this Cloudy With a Chance of Tacos state does not last long, and players must get the tacos before they expire.

In Creative news, players can "Show off your allegiance to good or evil with four new Prefabs": Villain Lair, Decayed Villain Lair, Hero Mansion and Decayed Hero Mansion. There's also six new Galleries: Villain Lair Gallery, Decayed Villain Lair, Gallery, Hero Mansion Gallery, Decayed Hero Mansion Gallery, Gray Cliff Grass Gallery, and Hero/Villain Prop Gallery.

v10.30 creative

In addition, players can now place and customise Vending Machines, as well as create character classes with "unique traits".

The patch also brings part 2 of Penny Hits the Road for Save the World: "this week, help Penny make her way to the Radio Station in this edge-of-your-seat sequel where things get a little bit weird. Load up the truck and gather your group because it’s time to Hit the Road with a new weekly quest." The quest comes "courtesy of Lars and his love of all things musical". More can be found out by looking in your quest log.

Penny Hits the Road Part 2

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