UPDATE: Xbox Game Pass 10,000 Points in 10 Days Quest is Limited to 20 Titles

By Sean Carey,

The 10,000 points in 10 Days Quest is now live. Unfortunately there was one vague aspect of the initial marketing that changes things: it turns out that only certain games are eligible. You also need to earn 500 Gamerscore for 500 points first, and click to "complete" this first part of the Quest, before you move on to grab the 10,000.

The list is as follows but bear in mind your list could look slightly different due to regional differences:

Ashes Cricket
Devil May Cry 5
Stellaris: Console Edition
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Yoku's Island Express
Blair Witch
The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut
Worms W.M.D
Dead Rising 4
Shadow of War
Forza Horizon 4
Dead by Daylight
LEGO City Undercover
Mortal Kombat X
Just Cause 4
Sea of Thieves
PES 2019
Metro Exodus
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

It looks like getting 10,000 Gamerscore from these games is going to take a lot longer than anticipated, so we've removed the suggestions for this Quest from the below list. We'll update with a new guide later today — in the meantime we've still listed our advice for other Quests in the Rewards system below.


A bunch of new Xbox Game Pass Quests have now been revealed, and you can earn Microsoft Reward points for things like a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and even Xbox Gift Cards all by merely unlocking achievements. Outlined below is a handy guide on how to unlock the quickest and easiest achievements to complete this month's Quests (if you haven't already completed them that is) and earn those sweet Reward points.

xbox game pass achiement quests

For these Quests, you're obviously going to need an Xbox Game Pass subscription (see the link at the bottom of the page where you can get two months of Game Pass Ultimate for $2). You'll also need to be signed up and have the Microsoft Rewards app installed on your Xbox One. In the app you'll see all of the available Quests, how many reward points a Quest is worth and the time left remaining to complete that Quest. Quests can also be viewed on the Xbox website and the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. After completing a quest, you'll have to collect your Reward points from the app. Points can be redeemed via the website or Rewards app on the Xbox One.
The Walking Dead Collection image

Earn Points with Devil May Cry 5 Quest

For the next Quest, we have Devil May Cry 5. Completing one achievement will earn you 100 Microsoft Reward points. The easiest achievement to pop here is Fall from Grace, where all you have to do is clear the prologue mission.
Devil May Cry 5Fall from GraceThe Fall from Grace achievement in Devil May Cry 5 worth 10 pointsClear the Prologue Mission.

Incredibly straight forward for an easy 100 Reward points if you haven't already completed this.


Step Back in Time Quest

The Step Back in Time Quest requires you to unlock an achievement in each of these games; Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Unlocking an achievement in each of these will net you 300 Reward points.

Newcomer to Game Pass is Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the easiest achievement to unlock according to our data is Blacksmith's Son which requires you to complete the first quest:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Win 10)Secret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Win 10) worth 11 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

For Middle Earth: Shadow of War it looks like the easiest achievement to unlock is Avenged. There are other achievements that could be easier to earn. However, they are down to chance. For Avenged, you must complete a Vendetta mission once you've unlocked the free roam section of the game. Walk up to an enemy and allow yourself to be killed. This will rank the enemy up to Captain and will unlock a Vendetta mission:

Middle-earth: Shadow of WarAvengedThe Avenged achievement in Middle-earth: Shadow of War worth 16 pointsComplete a Vendetta Mission.

And for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor the easiest and quickest achievement to complete is 'You Will Obey' which is an unmissable storyline achievement where you possess an Uruk:

Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorYou Will ObeyThe You Will Obey achievement in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor worth 20 pointsMake an uruk yours.

Of course, you don't have to complete these three, any achievements you unlock in these games count towards getting the 300 Microsoft Reward points up for grabs.

Fun for Everyone Quest

The Fun for Everyone request will have you completing one achievement in Minecraft, Astroneer, LEGO City Undercover and Supermarket Shriek. 400 Microsoft Reward points are available for completing this one.

The most effortless Minecraft achievement is 'Taking Inventory' which requires you to press Y and open your inventory as soon as the game world loads up.

MinecraftTaking InventoryThe Taking Inventory achievement in Minecraft worth 10 pointsOpen your inventory.

For Astroneer, the 'A Little Byte Goes a Long Way' achievement is by far the easiest. You will need to scan a Reseach Sample of any type. This is completed during the tutorial mission.

AstroneerA Little Byte Goes a Long WayThe A Little Byte Goes a Long Way achievement in Astroneer worth 10 pointsScan a Research Sample of any type.

'Clowning Around' is an easy achievement to get in LEGO City Undercover. Completing the first chapter will unlock this one.

LEGO CITY UndercoverClowning AroundThe Clowning Around achievement in LEGO CITY Undercover worth 15 pointsComplete Chapter 1 - New Faces and Old Enemies

Finally, for Supermarket Shriek, simply starting the Story mode will unlock 'Welcome to Britain.'

Supermarket ShriekWelcome to BritainThe Welcome to Britain achievement in Supermarket Shriek worth 15 pointsBegin your adventure

Much like the Step back in Time Quest, these are the easiest and quickest achievements to unlock for the Fun for Everyone Quest, which will net you 400 Microsoft Reward points. Although unlocking any one achievement in all of these games will still work.

Sea of Thieves Quest

For this, all you need to do is again complete just one achievement for 100 Reward points. This could be quite tricky if you've already made a start in Sea of Thieves, but if you haven't, the easiest and quickest achievement here is 'Legends - "Cronch"' where all you have to do is eat a banana, and that can be done at the very start of the game.

Sea of ThievesLegends - "Cronch"The Legends - "Cronch" achievement in Sea of Thieves worth 5 pointsJust like Griffin, your pirate kin, 'cronch' a banana and eat its skin!

The Turing Test 3

ID@Xbox Quest

To complete the Quest, you will need to pop three achievements in a combination of ID@Xbox games. This will earn you 300 points. Now, if you've followed the 10,000 Points in 10 Days Quest guide, there are several ID@Xbox games in that list. The Gardens Between, Tacoma, What Remains of Edith Finch, Old Man's Journey, Thomas Was Alone, and The Turing Test are all ID games and will earn you the 300 points.

Earn Points on PC

There is also the opportunity to earn another easy 100 Reward points if you complete any achievement on PC.

This guide is the quickest and easiest way of completing this month's Xbox Game Pass Quests. And if you don't have Xbox Game Pass, why not sign up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate below. You'll get two months for $2. You'll make back that $2 in no time following this guide!

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