"Rats, merciless soldiers, and disease": Get the Free Trial for a Plague Tale: Innocence

By Heidi Nicholas,
Intrigued by those A Plague Tale: Innocence achievements? Good news: the game's free trial releases today, along with a sale for the full game.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is just about as cheerful as you'd expect it to be from the title. It's a beautifully designed stealth/survival game set in a plague-ridden, medieval France, overrun with soldiers and diseased rats, and under constant watch by the Inquistion. Nobody knows where the plague came from, and the rats are a force of their own: "This swarm, this unnatural amalgamation of biting teeth, glowing eyes, and twisting tails." This is no exaggeration; the rats are a literal horde. They are representative of the plague, and can be kept at bay with light, but take that light away and they can overcome human enemies through sheer numbers. Throw into this healthy mix Amicia and Hugo De Rune; two orphaned children. Amicia is the older headstrong older sister. Whilst she is protective of her little brother, there's tension between them. Hugo has a strange illness, and occupied all of their mother's attention. It is this illness, perhaps, which causes the Inquisition to hunt for him in particular.

The free trial gives access to the entirety of the game's first chapter. "Those who are unfamiliar with A Plague Tale: Innocence will discover a gorgeous mixture of adventure, puzzle solving, deadly combat, and stealth. This combines for an experience that maintains incredible reviews from press and players alike. As Amicia De Rune, protect your brother Hugo and yourself from deadly disease, swarms of rats, and armies of merciless warriors." Accompanying the free trial is a sale for the main game, and those with Xbox Live Gold can buy the game for £30.14 instead of £44.99. These discounts come to an end on September 16th. The game has garnered praise from critics and players alike, so even if you're unsure about the discount, it may be worth giving the free trial a go.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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