PUBG Season 4 is in Full Swing and we have PUBG Merch Bundles to Give Away

By Sean Carey, 1 month ago
Season four of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is underway and along with the Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath came a vast update that saw visual improvements made to the map Erangel. Also announced in the August Console Update was that Cross-Platform play will be making its way to PUBG shortly, meaning the Xbox One and PS4 will be able to play with and against each other. Lobby waiting times should also be reduced to the bigger player pool.

The improvements made to Erangel aren't just visual. The map has been completely overhauled and includes new destructible objects such as pylons and barricades, weapon and vehicles have been rebalanced, and secrets that give hints to the history of Erangel have also been added. Locations such as the Military Base, Mylta Powerstation and the Tunnels have all changed dramatically:

Dynamic weather is also new to Erangel. Now when a match starts with overcast weather, the weather will change dynamically as the game goes on. Wind, hail, light and heavy rain, as well as thunderstorms and fog, can all switch up the play at a moments notice.

Along with Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath, comes a new cooperative mission system where players can work as a team to complete missions and earn rewards. There are five phases in total in which players can work together to unlock a unique reward after completion.

To celebrate all of this we have three PUBG merch bundles to give away, in partnership with PUBG Corporation. Each swag bundle includes a PUBG hoodie, a PUBG t-shirt, a PUBG postcard and a PUBG mug. You can find out more about the competition here.

PUBG Season 4: Three Merch Bundles to Give Away! (UK only)
(Rules And Regulations)
- This competition is unavailable to TA Staff members
- Entry is via one or more entries using the Gleam app
- The winner(s) will be chosen at random by Gleam
- This competition is available to UK residents only
- Entries close on Monday, September 23rd at 3PM UTC.
PUBG Season 4 is available on Xbox One now. Cross-Platform play will begin testing in late September before going live in October.

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