Hulk Hogan's Main Event Announced

By mancide,
Undoubtedly the most recognizable wrestling icon of our generation, Hulk Hogan has teamed up with Majesco Entertainment Company to develop Hulk Hogan's Main Event. Launching this fall, exclusively on Kinect for Xbox 360, Hulk Hogan's Main Event will be the first performance-based wrestling game for the platform. Players will train with Hulk Hogan as they build their own wrestling personalities and learn the art of showmanship to win the crowd over.

Jesse Sutton, CEO Majesco Entertainment said:

Hulk Hogan is much more than a wrestling star; he’s a sports entertainment icon with a huge personality, a massive following on Spike’s IMPACT WRESTLING, and immediate recognition across generations of fans. Partnering with the Hulkster for Hulk Hogan’s Main Event is a dream come true and we’re looking forward to releasing a no holds barred motion-based experience that offers a full suite of over-the-top moves.
Hogan himself also shared his excitement for the title:

Listen up, people! You will feel the power of Hulkamania when you step into this game. Whether you are taking the damage or selling the pain, this game will let you unleash your inner wrestler as you hype up the crowd while putting the hurt on anyone that stands in your way!
Hulk Hogan's Main Event will allow players to learn the moves from Hogan himself as he teaches them how to deliver the best show for the fans. Players will be able to emulate famous Hogan poses and perform over 30 punishing combos. The Kinect sensor will track player movements; more dynamic motions will increase the impact of the wrestler's performance. A robust create-a-wrestler feature will allow players to customize their wrestler down to the entrance music. Nine distinct venues allow players to brawl all the way from the backyard to giant stadiums. A tournament mode, and two-player tag-team modes allow you and a buddy to take turns delivering the punishment. Players can also wield a variety of objects, ranging from metal chairs to ladders.

Developed by Panic Button LLC, Hulk Hogan’s Main Event is expected to launch on Kinect for Xbox 360 this fall.
Written by mancide
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