Worse Than Death Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 1 month ago
We have just picked up the Worse Than Death Achievement list.

There are 30 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Worse Than Death Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
The worst night of your life Survive your high school reunion. 15
Answer the call Escape the hydro dam. 15
Total washout Find a way through the trailer park. 15
Checked yourself out Leave the hospital. 15
Lower lumber support Discover a way out of the sawmill. 15
Whatchou readin' for? Make your way out of the library. 15
Splitting headache Regain your senses in the hospital. 15
Out of sight, out of mind Escape Grace's house without being seen in the trailer park. 20
Cold, black and infinite Get caught by one of the unseen horrors. 15
Stay frosty Order a frosty one at Sam's. 15
Mix it up Order a mixed beverage at Sam's. 15
The classy one Order a glass of red at Sam's. 15
That's disgusting Get the frozen key in the sawmill. 15
It pays to pay attention Find the keys in the high school. 15
You're projecting Use all three slides in the high school projector. 15
The future looks bright Read the newspaper article about space travel. 30
Stop me if you've heard this one before Read about a very familiar story. 30
Just made it Escape to another room and hide. 30
A real bookworm Read every book in the library. 30
Pen pals Read three important letters in the trailer park. 30
Ruiner Uncover a disturbing operation throughout town. 30
Twin peeks Discover what happened to Vanessa. 30
The downward spiral Investigate what Jack has been up to. 35
Broken bones Use all three x-rays in the hospital. 30
The way out is through Make it back to the lobby in the second high school. 35
Recurring dream Finish the game on Hard difficulty. 90
A neverending nightmare Finish the game on Nightmare difficulty. 90
Flawless victory Survive the night on any difficulty without ever getting caught 95
Like a ghost Complete the story on any difficulty without alerting a single monster 95
The worst night of your life Finish the game on Normal difficulty. 90
Worse Than Death is developed and published by Benjamin Rivers.
Rich Stone
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