Monumental outage!

By Rich Stone, 10 years ago
Well, this has been a fun 18 or so hours!

So a router blew up this morning. It's never happened to me before, 3 or so years that line has been running without a single dropout. But this morning the router just died, all the lights went out and no one was home.

So a replacement had to be sent over - from another part of the country! You'd think BT would keep a spare in London wouldn't you? But no, seems they only keep them up north.

Ah well.

We are now back with a brand new shiny router in place. Let's hope this one lasts another 3 years (minimum!)

So I'd like to apologise to you lovely people, it's probably not been much fun for you without your daily dose of TA, but I can assure you that's it's been a whole lot less fun for me ;o)

To sooth your brow, there's a couple of new features.

You can now show your funky new NXE avatar on your homepage, I think we were briefly the first site to offer this (apart from of course!) until Mr Cisco kissed goodbye. There's an option for this on your Customize My Settings page.

You'll also find something else there - an option to prevent TAers adding you as a friend without your permission.

And finally there's a status history button next to people's status so you can see what they've been changing it to. If that's what floats your boat.

Right, I'm off to play with my avatar (oh matron!)
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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