Gears 3 Had More TA Players than Gears 5 in its Launch Week

By Sean Carey,
We have had a deep-dive into our data and pulled up some interesting figures regarding the Gears of War series and the TrueAchievements community. With the huge launch of Gears 5 and with Microsoft declaring that it had "the biggest launch week of any Xbox Game Studios title this generation" with over three million players, we assumed it would be the most popular Gears title in its full launch week for TrueAchievements users. In fact, Gears of War 3 proved considerably more popular, picking up increasingly more players than Gears 5 in its own launch week.

Gears 3 Had a Better Launch on TA than Gears 5

Note: These figures do not include Gears 5's early access launch figure. The "day one" count for Gears 5 starts on September 10th.
Our data shows that Gears of War 3 was actually the most popular Gears game among the TrueAchievements community in the first week of its launch. The most significant number of players that logged on to Gears 5 was on its seventh day, with a total of 100,451. Gears of War 3 beat that figure on its third day with a total of 105,378 and only increased, earning 114,987 TrueAchievements players by day seven. Despite Gears 5 being included in Xbox Game Pass and for Xbox Game Pass for PC, it still never managed to eclipse the number of players playing Gears of War 3.

We can only speculate as to why that might be. Gears of War 3 was the end of a trilogy, so naturally, fans wanted to know how it would all end. Gears 5 was marred with connectivity and other problems surrounding launch. Collectables and achievements were also not being tracked or awarded, so perhaps the TrueAchievements community wanted to wait until after these issues had been fixed.

Now we want to know your thoughts. Did you pick up Gears 5 during the first week of release and did you play it through Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the poll.

We also want to know your thoughts on Gears 5 as a whole. Let us know in the comments if you've played through the campaign in its entirety? If you're just in it for the multiplayer, or both? And if you preferred Gears of War 3 to Gears 5?
Did you play Gears 5 in its launch week?
  • Yes - via Xbox Game Pass49.63% (1471)
  • Yes - via pre-order5.63% (167)
  • Yes - picked it up after launch0.91% (27)
  • No - No interest in Gears29.08% (862)
  • No - Will wait for a sale7.09% (210)
  • No - early access connection problems put me off2.33% (69)
  • Other - Let us know!5.33% (158)
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