Agent 47 is Travelling to the Maldives in the Next Hitman 2 DLC Haven Island

By Sean Carey, 1 month ago
Pack your bags, we're off to the sunny Maldives with the latest Hitman 2 expansion, Haven Island. With the DLC there will be seven new Hitman 2 achievements to bump up your Gamerscore with.

Haven Island follows on directly after the events from the Milton-Fitzpatrick investment bank mission in New York. Agent 47 will now travel to the luxurious rest of Haven Island in South Asia under a fake identity and assume the role of a guest. 47 will then have to find and eliminate three targets — Ljudmila Vetrova, the public face of the resort and confidence trickster, Tyson Williams, the owner of the island and Steven Bradley a tech genius and brains behind Haven Island's proprietary software platform.

The map includes an entire tropical resort filled with unique ways to take out your targets, along with 75 new challenges to complete on the island, 20 levels of Location Mastery, five new item unlocks including an unlockable suit and of course, seven new achievements. We will let you know as soon as we get those.

Haven Island is released on September 24 for Expansion Pass and Gold Edition owners.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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