Borderlands 3's Ultimate Vault Hunter Achievement is Currently Unobtainable

By Sam Quirke, 25 days ago
If you've been chipping away at the Borderlands 3 Achievements list, here's a word of warning: the final achievement, which should unlock when all others have been completed, is currently unobtainable.

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Borderlands 3Ultimate Vault HunterThe Ultimate Vault Hunter achievement in Borderlands 3 worth 483 pointsUnlock all Borderlands® 3 Achievements.

The Vault Hunter achievement, seen above, should be easy enough to unlock; once players have obtained all 44 other achievements in the list, Vault Hunter should pop automatically. That will sound familiar to PlayStation players, as it's exactly how that system's standard Platinum trophies work. The equivalent Platinum on the PS4 version of Borderlands 3 does indeed work, with 628 tracked unlocks on TrueTrophies. Yet on TA, roughly 1000 players have unlocked the 44 other achievements in the list without unlocking Vault Hunter.

Frustratingly this is an issue we have seen before with lists that are essentially ported between PS4 and Xbox. Where Xbox doesn't have an equivalent Platinum functionality, for whatever reason it's a common problem that the equivalent achievement doesn't actually work — plenty of developers just remove the Platinum-esque achievement from the Xbox list at the point of certification, but in this case the Borderlands 3 team decided to keep it in.

Hopefully it's something that 2K will be able to fix, though that requires communities like ours to make a bit of a fuss about it. As Sashamorning mentions in the achievement thread, one way to do that is to raise a support ticket with 2K.

We have reached out to 2K directly for support as well, and will update the story if we get word back.

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