The Penguin Factory Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the The Penguin Factory Achievement list.

There are 25 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

The Penguin Factory

Name Description Gamerscore
Just In Time Complete a level with less than five seconds remaining. 30
Signed, Sealed, Delivered Complete the game. 200
Special Delivery Deliver 1,000 penguins. 30
Return To Sender Deliver an imposter penguin by mistake. 15
Go Our Separate Ways Send 500 penguins through splitters. 30
Down The Tubes Send 1,000 penguins through tubes. 30
Full Circle Send 1,000 penguins onto turntables. 30
In Full Swing Hit 100 imposter penguins with mallets. 30
Off Target Hit a genuine penguin with a mallet. 15
Production Line Turn 1,000 conveyor belts on or off. 30
Back And Forth Change the direction of conveyor belts 500 times. 30
Change Of Direction Change the direction of splitters 100 times. 30
Hit And Miss Turn 100 mallets on or off. 30
Just Passing Through Turn 250 tubes on or off. 30
Out Of Turn Turn 100 turntables on or off. 30
Which Way To Turn Change the direction of 250 turntables. 30
Bits And Pieces Collapse 500 platforms. 30
Skittles Use a mallet to hit one penguin into another penguin. 25
On The Edge Complete level 57 with at least two direction changes to spare. 50
Half A Minute Complete level 60 within 30 seconds. 50
Plan Ahead Complete level 77 having switched the splitter before starting the conveyor belts. 50
One To Spare Complete level 19 with at least one direction change to spare. 50
Two Birds With One Mallet Complete level 40 with a single swing of the mallet. 50
Give Me Five Complete level 82 having turned off only five turntables. 50
Pile Up! Cause a penguin pile up! 25
The Penguin Factory is developed and published by Battenberg Software.