"We're Learning as We Go": Rod Fergusson on Microtransactions in Gears 5

By Heidi Nicholas,
Gears 5 has been massively popular both before and after its release, but not all fans are happy with the microtransactions available in multiplayer. Gear packs have been removed since Gears 4, but the general feeling seems to be that what is available to buy — such as banners and executions — isn't really worth buying, or asks too high a price for what it offers. Rod Fergusson addressed the issue on Twitter.

"This is a completely different economy from Gears 4", he says, reminding fans that Gear packs have been removed. He emphasises that resolving issues takes time, and that they're not finished trying to fix any problems in the game. This was in response to one fan saying they were "scared" that the game might turn out to be something like Battlefront 2, which remains notorious for microtransactions. They call the prices and grinding "ridiculous", but seem confident that the Coalition won't make Gears 5 pay to win. Fergusson also replied to another fan, whose original tweet has since been removed. Fergusson reminds the community that free qauterly content will continue to be added, and that they're "just getting started". He states that Gears 5 has much more free content than Gears 4, and later replies to another fan that "we're learning and improving as we go. There's no magic wand here."

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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