TA Community Interview - xKRIS DETHx

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
May's last interview is ready and waiting for you! It's xKRIS DETHx in the chair this time and he's got a lot to talk about. Let's get straight to it!

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DavieMarshall: Hey Kris, and welcome to your little spot on the front page!

xKRIS DETHx: Thanks for having me Davie, I’m stupidly excited to be here, and hope that everybody reading enjoys the interview.

D: So how old are you, and where do you come from?

K: I’m 19 and I come from the UK. Walsall Wood, West Midlands to be more specific it’s about 30 minutes from Birmingham and it’s a small little town but it’s a cool place to live.

D: So you live around thirty five minutes from me then! What are you up to at the minute. Are you working? Studying?

K: Currently I’m not doing anything due to illness which I’m sure we’ll get onto later on in the interview, but I’m in rehabilitation (not drugs/alcohol, before anyone thinks that, illness related) and should be back onto a photography course in September, really looking forward to that and hopefully once I’ve finished that I’ll be going over to the US and getting a masters in photography I hope.

D: I’ll ask you the same question I put to Vermin360 last week. If you had to liken yourself to a game character, who do you share the most traits with?

K: Took me forever to think of this, and it’s probably not great but Duke Nukem, I’m pretty arrogant and never turn up on time but when I do it’s time to get down to business, I like bubble gum and kicking ass is always on the cards, only problem is I don’t look as good in a red vest, Pity really…..

D: And the x-orientated Gamertag? What’s that all about?

K: Well back when I switched over from my old tag “KRIS DETH” I was very heavily into the sub-culture of hardcore music and straight edge was a big part of that, the x’s are something that comes from being straight edge if people don’t know it’s about keeping your body clean and “toxin free” which I’ve adapted as no drinking, smoking & drugs. Due to other personal reasons it seemed appropriate to put them there, I’m not so involved in the sub-culture now but I still uphold the purpose’s of what it means and happy with it, but don’t worry I don’t push what I believe onto anybody else.

D: Unsurprisingly you love to game. But what else do you do?

K: Love to game? Where did you get that from :’) when I’m not doing the general 360 thing, I’m a scout leader at my local pack and I’ve also had 2 of my own business’ and hanging out with friends and the misses in the general fashion, love myself a cinema trip as well! I’m sure a lot of you can relate to that one.

D: This all sounds quite entrepreneurial at the age of nineteen! What kinds of companies have you been involved with?

K: My first company was Kris Gill Photography as the name tells I was a photographer, I started off taking pictures for unsigned local bands round the West Midlands and then moved up to bigger horizons, my second was Dying Day Promotions and for this one I was a music promoter, putting on gigs and managing bands around the Midlands.

D: How successful were your ventures?

K: I’ll start with the photography first again, it took of really well actually surprisingly I only started it as a hobby and then a couple of months down the line realized I could be making some money from something I loved, then it just grew really instead of just being in the midlands bands from all over the UK were asking me to come and shoot at their shows and foreign bands that we’re over here on a tour were looking me up, it was great. The highlight I would have to say was being approached by Paramore (if anyone knows them) got an e-mail and they asked me to shoot their acoustic set at a local radio station.

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My promotions was another spur of a moment thing, I wanted to put on a show for my 16th birthday so naturally I did, it went really well and a tidy profit from that and just continued it a couple of months later, and did it for a year and had 12 shows which were I must say went really well, apart from a couple due to issues with trains being out for maintenance on one day, I met some really amazing people & bands doing it, one in particular Bury Tomorrow from Southampton they played my third show and we’ve been close as brothers ever since, they are literally like family now, it’s awesome.

D: Was it difficult to get these companies set up from scratch? I would imagine the photography company would have a lot of costs to get up and running. Equipment isn’t cheap after all.

K: Yes and no really, I managed to get my first camera for my birthday and from there I was working so once I got some money from doing shoots I used that to get new equipment and so on and so forth it also meant that go out of my depth and so I wasn’t out of any money. With the promotions I had some money saved up and used that on the first show and then from each show I used the profits to float the next show so if I did lose money which I did a couple of times I knew that I’d still have the money to pay the bands/venue etc.

D: How does the whole process begin? Say I’m sitting here now with an idea for a company festering in my brain. What is the next step? How does something make the leap from idea to actuality?

K: The best thing I would say is just go for it, that’s what I’ve done with mine but always think about 5 steps ahead of yourself and make sure that your not putting yourself at too much risk because it will just cause you stress and that won’t help the potential business at all, and always make sure you have a market for what you want to do for example it would be very silly to start a soft drink company when you have Coca Cola ruling the world.

D: Are these companies your brainchild, or do you cooperate with others to spread the cost and risk?

K: They have all been mine I’m quite proud to say I’ve put myself on the line doing it all myself, I have had a couple of employee’s while I was doing promotions but it really didn’t work out very well due to me being quite young and not being able to be a boss very well, I also think that they weren’t fully committed because they we're basically unpaid interns.

D: Where does your interest and ambition stem from?

K: It may sound quite cheesy but some family issues came up when my illness first started and my “father” kicked me and my mom out and said I wouldn’t make anything of myself so I’ve always strived to show anyone that I can do whatever I want and whatever I set my mind to I want to succeed.

My interest stemmed from there not being lots of shows on for the promotion company, I really wanted to give back to the scene and put on some awesome shows for cheap prices, good example of that I put on a all day gig with 20+ bands also some big names for £6, just really wanted to make people happy with my work to be honest.

D: Do you have any other ideas or projects simmering away at the moment?

K: Funny you should say that Davie, me and my best friend are currently in the workings of setting up an Apparel & Design company (also incorporating my photography back into that) it’s still on it’s foundations at the moment, and we are currently going through the channels with The Princes Trust to try and get some extra business knowledge and funding, hopefully we should be up and running before the end of the year.

D: Right, so how does the Princes’ Trust actually work? I know about it, as I guess many other readers will, but exactly what kind of support and advice do they offer?

K: Well it’s a great organization for anyone who is just coming out of college/university and has a business idea, they offer funding if you need it and business training and advice. If you do complete the course and get accepted into it they also give you a free year with a business mentor which I’ve heard is amazing, because you have someone who has been through everything your going through and is there to help you, normally they would cost a lot of money. Currently we are on the training course and hopefully should be going for a Dragons Den style panel interview for funding in a month or so.

D: Sounds stressful! Wear anti-perspirant won't you! How useful is this to people in your position? Would you be able to continue via other avenues without this scheme?

K: I would say it’s great for people in my position I would of loved to have it with my other companies, the help I’ve had over the 2 days I’ve been there is great and I still have 2 days left, also the funding is a big help especially in this day and age. I do think we would be able to continue but at a much slower pace, and might not be as successful we’re both students so money is tight and the funding is going to help so much, and I’ve learnt a lot about marketing the company so we should have customers fast because of The Princes Trust.

D: How hopeful are you that you might gain backing from them?

K: I’m quite confident that we will be accepted into the program, not sure about getting all the funding but even being in the program would benefit us so much, because we are a partnership and have 3 different areas of sales in theory we should fly but it’s swings and roundabouts and you can never predict what’s going to happen with business these days.

D: Is the whole process simple and straightforward enough to deal with, or is good financial and business acumen a prerequisite? Could it be made more accessible?

K: Well how it works is you apply and then go through a lot of interviews and they will support you if they believe it will be a viable business but they will also say if your making a mistake, I think the way they have it set up now is great because it gives everyone a chance to apply but does say to certain people who may just be toying with the idea if it’s a bad one then they can leave it instead of sinking their life savings into it.

D: So in the midst of all this wheeling and dealing, you’re also involved with The Scouts. Can you tell us a little about this. Which group of Scouts do you work with for a start?

K: I’m the Scout Leader at 1st Stonnall, Lichfield District. Very small group at the moment, just trying to get the kids back into the scouting movement really.

D: What kind of things do you do as a Scout Leader?

K: Everything from running pack nights to organizing meetings/events and going on a stupid amount of training courses, one last week about online safety that also including a section on how online gaming was a very bad addiction. You can probably guess I was shaking my head going NO!

D: How long have you been actively involved with them?

K: As a fully invested leader tonight was my 4th night, but I’ve been working and training to become a full leader for about the last 4/5 months.

D: Any chance of getting an ‘Xbox Badge’ introduced into The Scouts!

K: Unfortunately as they think online gaming is an addiction I don’t think they would approve on it, but then again Bear Grylls (who is now the Chief Scout) has his new game out, I’m sure that if they got 1000GS on that they could get a badge, time to call/e-mail the head of the scouts.

D: What’s the best thing you get out of working with The Scouts?

K: Would be helping the kids, especially just giving them some more confidence because I’ve been in the situation they’re in and I really could of done with someone to say “Don’t listen to them, you can do what ever you want” I had to work that one out for myself, and also events we go on are really fun.

D: How do you manage to allocate your time between all of these activities?

K: It was very hard at first because as you can tell I have a lot on but my iPhone calendar helped a lot, I wasn’t plugging Apple but I don’t know where I would be without it, as I mentioned before about being ill, my condition is called Hypothyroidism it comes from having an underactive thyroid and this causes me to be very tired all the time, my immune system goes very low and not be able to do many active things while I’m in a bad state. That really impacted my schedule but I managed to work me sleeping loads around times I needed to get stuff done and had meetings or conference calls etc.

D: Wow, that sounds like a condition that could be difficult to manage. Is it possible to restrict or regulate it in anyway?

K: Yeah well I do have to take tablets every morning for it, that does help it a little but not greatly at the moment I’m on 2 every morning but I’m at the doctors every 6 months for blood tests to see the levels and whether I have to increase or decrease the dosage.

D: Of course this is something that will be with you throughout your life, but clearly you don’t let it impact upon your schedule any more than it has to!

K: No I don’t let it take over me, I try and fight it as much as I physically can.

D: Does your condition tend to stay fairly consistent, or can you have some days worse than others?

K: It has it’s up days and it’s down days, but when it hits it hits hard. My first case was Year 6 in school while I was doing my SAT’s and I was off school for about 8 months, but did pass with the 3rd highest results in the class, Second time was Year 11 in high school, and I was off for 9-10 months and sleeping 22-23 hours a day unfortunately I didn’t get any of my GCSE’s but as you can see from my companies I don’t think I need the qualifications that much, and the last time it really hit was back in December 10, I was on a new agriculture college course and I believe the activeness broke me, and I had to drop off that course because I wasn’t able to do any of the physical work, I’m currently in rehabilitation to get myself back to a decent condition. But I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without my mom, my best friend, and for this last bout my girlfriend.

D: So with all of the above taken into consideration, how much love does your Xbox get in an average week?

K: Well I do try and jump on for a little bit everyday but normally 5 days a week, about 10+ hours a week I would say, over the past couple of months though it has been getting a lot of daily love due to me not being able to do much else, it has it plus sides though because it helped me break 100k.

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In the pictures you can see above is my set up, Samsung TV I’ve had for about 5 years, under that is my Kinect not the ideal place but it works, below that Sky+ HD, wouldn’t be without that. Then on the bottom self my MW2 Super Elite & Sony Blu-Ray player, with turtle beach sensor in the middle of them.

And the below picture is my collection of DVD’s, Blu-Rays & Xbox games, I am in the process of getting a custom built cabinet for all the over flow of games/Blu-Rays.

External image

D: And what kinds of games are you usually found to be playing during that time?

K: Currently: Call of Duty: Black Ops & Crysis 2 – Gamerscore games – and then anything I really feel like playing at the time, as you can see from my collection above I’m not short for games thankfully.

D: Are there any types of game you won’t seen to be playing? Despite having played them in the past I now body swerve PES and FIFA titles.

K: Not really to be honest, I don’t like PES or Final Fantasy, Dynasty Warriors style games, might get some hate for that but I really didn’t enjoy Final Fantasy XIII the trailer made me want it so much and then just hated the product. Now I can’t event get a good trade in price on it.

D: If you had to pick your best and worst titles so far this year what would they be?

K: I will have to say Bulletstorm for the best, enjoyed that game so much if I had of got through more of L.A. Noire (Xbox 360) that would probably be the best but I can’t have an opinion on it yet. For the worst, just for excitement value Michael Jackson: The Experience, it looked great but when I got it, I was really disappointed, traded it in against Portal 2 the next Friday.

D: Expanding that time frame to include every game you’ve ever played, which one would take home Kris’ Best/Worst Game Of All Time trophy?

K: This is another tough one, for best God of War, I loved this game so much when it first came out I could just play it over and over again, for worst I’m going with a recent one I played My Horse and Me 2, very chunky controls and just a poor excuse for a game really, easy Gamerscore though :)

D: You surely didn't expect a classic from that damned Whorse game! laugh We have to talk about achievements now of course! Let’s have a quick look at the stats now; 100k plus Gamerscore, 140k plus TA score, fifty two completed games... Looks like statistics beyond the call of duty for your average gamer!

K: Even though I do like my Call of Duty, Gamerscore has been pretty big with me, always wanting to get to that next milestone, I could really do with more completed games though.

D: Your completion is around the 49% mark. Is this something you’d like to bolster in the coming months, or is this a statistic you don’t chase as hard?

K: My XBL friends who are on TA one in particular are constantly badgering me about that. http://www.trueachievements.com/Disturbed+x360a.htm I’m calling you out! But seriously he’s a good friend, I’m working on a list, which organizes all my games in chronological order so I know which ones to do first, I’m hoping to get up to about 60% - 70% by the end of the year, but who knows what will happen.

D: On your recently played games list I spy Disney Sing It. What’s going on here!?

K: Come on Davie, you know you want to sing some high school musical every now and again, but on a serious note, it’s quite a good game, load times are really good and easy GS so not too bad!

D: I’m going to let that one slide with the appearance of L.A. Noire and Crysis 2 however!

K: Well I have to keep up my hard man persona right?

D: How are you finding L.A. Noire? Worth the exceptionally long wait?

K: It’s very good, I’ve stopped following hype for games so only really look to them a couple of months before release I did the same with Red Dead Redemption, well my girlfriend pressured me into getting Red Dead and I freaking loved it, she loves Rockstar so I have to purchase any Rockstar game that comes out.

D: Rockstar are probably one of my favourite developers too. Are there any other titles that you’re desperately awaiting?

K: DUKE NUKEM!! It even deserves the capitals, It’s so close I’ve got my Balls of Steel edition pre-order and I’m ready for it, also Gears 3, awaiting the trailer to come out after the football on Saturday, and now the Modern Warfare 3 trailer has been released it looks sweet. I kind of want to blow up Number 10 (I’m not a torie supporter if you didn’t guess) And finally Arkham City, major Batman fan boy :D

D: If you were given the choice of having a title brought to the Xbox 360, what might that be? It could be anything you wanted, whether it was retro or completely new.

K: Has to be the God of War trilogy, enough said.

D: Now, I see you’ve have managed a full 1000GS on Portal 2 . Who helped out with the coop on this?

K: My Canadian buddy Maka91, the language barrier got in the way slightly though because apparently he can’t understand when a British guy says “turn it orange!” Was good fun doing it though.

D: With a Gaming Session feedback of 51+, you’re no stranger to TA’s Boosting Sessions

K: No I really love the session system on TA met a couple of people through it also some not so friendly people but there are always people like that in the world.

D: Of the many sessions you’ve been involved in, do you have any which will live long in the memory?

K: Definitely my recent Gears of War 2 Horde sessions with Shinwasha & MunchMagic86 was a fun week of doing all the dark corners horde maps and made some good friends from it.

D: So being an active booster, having a wide ranging game catalogue and a handful of outstanding achievements across these titles, do you keep them all on hand with a view to coming back to them one day?

K: Yeah definitely, by the time the interview has been released I would of hopefully finished Crysis 2 level 50 and be on my way to doing Seriously 2.0. They are my main grind ones I have on the cards at the moment.

D: You’ve said because of illness lately you’ve spent a lot of time with your Xbox. How much are you squeezing out of your console? DVDs, Media Center, streaming, video chat?

K: Would be games, media center, zune/sky player. That’s about it really, don’t have that many people to video chat with unfortunately, really need to try out Video Kinect.

D: I've tried Video Kinect and it is amazing. I don't have anyone to chat with though really so mine is also grossly underused. So will you be hoping that Skype comes to the Xbox 360 after Microsoft acquired the technology in recent weeks?

K: I will be, I use Skype with friends overseas and being able to see them on a big tv would be SWEET!

D: Who knows, maybe one day I’ll conduct these Community Interviews over the Kinect Video Chat complete with a set and big band intro music. . You’re the business chap here, is it a viable business venture!?

K: I think that would definitely be a good idea, you might also get more people watching/listening because now a days people don’t like reading. I’de be up for your pilot CI if you ever do it :)

D: Well thank you for taking the time to talk to me this weekend and for helping provide the community with the weekly fix of community chatter. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we finish up?

K: Well first thanks for having me, TA has been great to me over the time I’ve been here, and big shout outs to: http://www.trueachievements.com/Disturbed+x360a.htm, Maka91, Shinwasha, Seany Sh0w, http://www.trueachievements.com/IKiddo.htm, and everyone I might of forgot. You guys are awesome! And if you guys remember, check my profile in September for my new business venture!

Paramore, The Scouts, business, gaming and My Horse and Me 2 all in one interview. Not bad going! I hope this has been something to break up your lazy Sunday. Now that you're done, get cracking on those games again. It's what the weekends are made for!

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