Here's Everything We're Streaming This Week!

By Heidi Nicholas,
To kick things off this week, we are going to try to up our gamerscore and get some much-needed acievements, by jumping through several apparently easy games. Our aim will be to get 2,000 gamerscore in two hours. We'll start with Storm Boy, followed by Daggerhood, and see where we go from there. On Thursday, we'll be staying with one game; putting two hours into Frostpunk and seeing whether we can keep our city alive. Both streams will run from 4pm-6pm UK time (3 pm UTC), and we'll be giving away more Xbox game codes, so be sure to join in!


We'll start with Storm Boy, an adventure game set in South Australia, and based on a 1964 children's book of the same name, by Colin Thiele. Storm Boy adorably rescues pelican chicks, later adopting one as his pet and naming it Mr. Percival. The game seems to be about their adventures.

Storm Boy

Next, we'll head into Daggerhood, the slightly less peaceful platformer, in which Vincent S. Daggerhood, thief, is caught and thrown into the forsaken caverns. His goal is now to get revenge by stealing the King's gold, using a handy dagger which gives him teleportation powers.

Daggerhood Achievements

We'll see how we get on with these, and, if we do well, we might jump onto some other titles later on.


On Thursday, we'll stop game-jumping and stick to two full hours of Frostpunk. Frostpunk comes to consoles on October 11th, and is a society survival game, where the world is slowly freezing. The player must successfully build and maintain the last city on earth.

Frostpunk: Console Edition

Be sure to join us over on Mixer from 4pm-6pm UK time (3 pm UTC) on both days!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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