TA Playlist Is Live for October 2019 with Dead Space

By Mark Delaney,
The spookiest of all months has arrived, and with that comes another special month of TA Playlist focusing on horror gaming. This year, it's Visceral's iconic horror, Dead Space, that we'll be dimming the lights for.

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Dead Space launched in 2008 to rave reviews, garnering an 89 on Metacritic and a 4.4 out of 5 here on TA. It spawned two sequels, the first of which was also very well received. Dead Space 3 had a much more mixed reaction, but most fans still clamor for a fourth game.

Whether or not EA cares at all to revive the franchise is technically a mystery, but it would seem this just isn't the type of game they concern themselves with these days. On top of that, Visceral no longer exists, so any sequel or reboot would come from a new studio.

Join us in the Playlist Hub this month as we swap scary stories from aboard the Ishimura, lend some tips for beating the game on the hardest difficulty and collectively determine if Dead Space is a series that should stay lost in the cosmos or return from its starry grave.

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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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