Gears 5 Title Update 1 — Double Star Saturdays Will Now Feature Every Saturday

By Sean Carey,
Gears 5 has just had a considerable update that fixes many known bug issues as reported by the Gears community. Title Update 1 also includes price changes to the store, new Skill Cards for Escape, and from now on, every Saturday will feature a Double Stars Boost Event in Tour.

Double Stars Saturday

Double Star Saturdays is a regular weekly event that is only available to boosted players and applies to just Tour Objectives — not medals. Double Star Saturdays could be used to fast track your way to getting the Generally Awesome achievement which requires you to reach the rank of General in Tour of Duty. Each rank has three levels and requires a certain number of stars to progress to the next level. Double Star Saturdays could considerably cut reaching the rank of General dramatically. The Boosted event will run every Saturday from 2 AM PT/5 AM ET/10 AM BST to 10 AM PT/1 PM ET/6 PM BST on Sunday.

Gears 5Generally AwesomeThe Generally Awesome achievement in Gears 5 worth 265 pointsReach the rank of General in Tour of Duty

There are some new free Escape Skill Cards for Mac, Keegan and Lahni, specifically for when playing in Venom. Here is the list of Level 1 Card values listed below:

  • Venom Resistance (Rare, Level 11): All damage taken is reduced by 10% while in Venom
  • Venom Blade (Epic, Level 15): Melee damage in Venom causes enemies to bleed for 10% of damage dealt
  • Venom Explosive Resupply (Rare, Level 11): Resupply recharges explosive weapons while in Venom
  • Venom Boost (Epic, Level 14): Kills inside the venom reduce the cooldown of Resupply by 20s
  • Venom Resistance (Rare, Level 12): All damage taken is reduced by 10% while in Venom
In terms of bug fixes and gameplay changes, the list is pretty big. Some of the more notable changes are that Re-Ups will now be visible in the Player Card on the main menu, an exploit that allowed enemies to be de-spawned in Escape has been patched and a fix that prevented Ultimates from being activated on PC has also rolled out. If you want to view the full list of patch notes, check it out here.

One of the main issues that's been widely reported by the community in Gears 5 forums and across the internet is bullet magnetism. The Coalition has acknowledged this, and in the patch notes it says they are currently "Fixing a bug that causes the bullet magnetism range of the Gnasher in LT to use PVE values rather than PVP." No word on when this fix will be rolled out, but it looks as if it's coming soon.

For more details on everything included in Title Update 1, including what bugs The Coalition is working on, Versus Special Events and Supply Drop content, check out the patch notes here.

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