Season 3 of Apex Legends is Out Now: Learn More About New Legend, Crypto, in his Trailer

By Heidi Nicholas, 20 days ago
Season 3 of Apex Legends, titled Meltdown, is out now. New Legend Crypto released alongside it, and now his character trailer gives details on just what kind of Legend he is.

The trailer shows off Crypto's abilities; his surveillance drone (tactical), neurolink (passive), and drone EMP (ultimate). Crypto's page on EA's site states that there's a 40 second cooldown after a drone is destroyed, before another can be summoned. The neurolink allows any enemies detected by the surveillance drone, within a range of 30 meters, are marked for both Crypto and his squad to see. Lastly, the EMP blast of the drone disables traps, which would come in handy when trying to infiltrate an enemy position. It also deals shield damage and slows enemies down.

The trailer also describes Crypto's background. He was Tae Joon Park, before being framed for corporate espionage and murder meant that he took on the alias of Crypto, elite hacker. His page on EA's site states that, a surveillance expert, "Crypto specializes in secrets; he knows how to uncover them, and how to keep them. A brilliant hacker and encryption expert, he uses aerial drones to spy on his opponents in the Apex Arena without being seen." In his past life as Tae Joon, he and his foster sister Mila Alexander were orphans raised on the streets. They became computer engineers, and are responsible for the drones which transmit the Apex Games across the Outlands. Tae Joon vanished with a company secret, and Mila Alexander also mysteriously vanished, with hints that violence was involved. "Crypto’s motives for joining the Apex Games are almost as mysterious as the man himself. In recent interviews, he claims he is seeking justice – but for what, exactly, remains unknown."

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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