Free Play Days: NHL 20 is Free to Play This Weekend

By Sean Carey,
The Xbox Free Play Days event is back, this time with EA's ice hockey simulation game, NHL 20. The NHL season has just started, and if you still can't get enough ice hockey action those with an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription can get their hands on NHL 20 this weekend for free.

Last years NHL 19 introduced a new skating engine that made controlling players feel more fluid. NHL 20 expands on last years improvements by making vast improvements to shooting, puck pickups and goaltender animations. Signature Shots have also been introduced and highlight the different shooting styles between individual players. Over 45 new shooting animations have been added. Three new game modes have been added this year too. HUT Squad Battles feature teams built by athletes which can be challenged for unique rewards, ONES can now be played with friends on the couch, and Eliminator Mode in World of CHEL is a winner-takes-all competition where you and your friends battle it out to be the best.

Free Play Days for NHL 20 hasn't gone live just yet but should do at some point today, and like most Free Play Days, you'll be able to play up until Monday.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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