Borderlands 3 Ultimate Vault Hunter Achievement Reportedly Fixed By Today's Patch

By Sam Quirke, 19 days ago
The Borderlands 3 Achievements list might finally be completed by members of the community today. A patch and hotfix, rolling out later, allegedly fixes the Ultimate Vault Hunter achievement which has been stopping Xbox players from getting their 100% completion. While none of our members have unlocked the achievement yet, the official release of the patch is "by or before 3:00 PM PDT", so it'll be a while before anyone can officially test it. The patch also deals with some balance issues.

Borderlands 3Ultimate Vault HunterThe Ultimate Vault Hunter achievement in Borderlands 3 worth 483 pointsUnlock all Borderlands® 3 Achievements.

Other problems addressed include fixing an infinite loop crash at Guardian Rank and the reactivation of the Hollow Point skill, which previously damaged allies — as well as vanishing player inventories.

On the balances and adjustments side, FL4K has had some tweaks to make Rakk Attack's status effect land 100% of the time, and the Barbaric Yawp's bonus has been increased by 100%. Leave No Trace has an additional delay of 2 seconds, and FL4K's pets are slightly less pushy about being petted. Moze, meanwhile, loses infinite grenade lobbing abilities now that Means of Destruction has a 2 second re-trigger delay.

Enemies have had some tweaks too — the most significant of which is that Gigamind, Katagawa Ball and Billy the Anointed were more difficult to beat than intended. A bunch of smaller fixes have been made too.

As the Vault Hunter requirement was simply to unlock all other achievements, we expect that it should start unlocking for players as soon as the patch is installed and the game booted up. Will you be among the first to unlock it?

Source: Developer post on Reddit

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