Battlefield V: Operation Underground is Available Now

By Heidi Nicholas,
The Operation Underground map for Battlefield V is available now. It's a small, fast-paced, infantry only map based in Germany, where the fight takes place both above and below ground. Check out the map's trailer to learn more:

EA's site explains that Operation Underground is a "spiritual successor" to the Operation Metro map of Battlefield 3. Its focus seems to be close-quarter combat. The Conquest, Squad Contest, Breakthrough and Team Deathmatch modes can all be used to play.

There'll be three main Capture Points. The Crossroads used to be the centre of the city's military activity. It features streets, courtyards, and buildings with multiple floors. The Train Station functioned as the city's supply line, and German soldiers can still be found here. EA say this point should be familiar to those who played Operation Metro, but this will apparently have more flanking routes, and feature floods. The Plaza is the city's command centre, with the town hall as its centre.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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