Kamala Khan Joins the Lineup for Marvel's Avengers

By Heidi Nicholas,
Kamala Khan has just been announced for Marvel's Avengers. Known as Ms. Marvel, her powers include healing and polymorphic abilities, which allow her to distort herself, increasing her strength and size.

The game's site explains that Kamala first appeared in Captain Marvel #14, 2013, before getting her own series in February 2014. Marvel's Avengers takes place in the aftermath of A-Day, where Captain America is lost in a vicious attack from the Taskmaster. Five years later, and the Avengers are scattered, still blaming themselves. Kamala, a super-fan of the Avengers, was there on A-Day and was exposed to the Terrigen Mist. Now, she's beginning to show signs of polymorphic and healing powers. Yet in the aftermath of A-Day, the public sentiment has turned against superheroes. A new organisation, AIM: Advanced Idea Mechanics, is responsible for this distrust, and pushes the idea that science, not superheroes, is the way forwards. It seems that Kamala is the one who is determined to reunite the Avengers against AIM. You can learn more about Kamala and her powers in this brief character profile trailer:

Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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