Here's Everything We're Streaming This Week!

By Heidi Nicholas, 11 days ago
We're streaming a good mix of games this week over on our Mixer channel. Both streams will run from 4pm-6pm UK time (3 pm UTC), and we'll be giving away more Xbox game codes, so be sure to join in!


Tuesday has worked itself out as a Viking theme. We'll start with Northgard, a strategy game. Vikings have journeyed to Northgard, a rich new land where they can conquer, trade, and serve the Gods. Northgard promises riches and glory, if they can survive wolves, undead warriors, and the bitterest of winters. In story mode, we'll be exploring with Rig, who has another reason for wanting to travel to Northgard. His father, Viking High King, was murdered by a band of mercenaries from another tribe, who stole his map of Northgard and left Rig with nothing. Rig sets out on a path to avenge his father.

Next, starting at 5pm UK time, we'll be moving onto Bad North. Bad North is another strategy game, but with more of a roguelite feel. In it, we'll again be Vikings, but this time we're defending our islands against invaders. Bad North has an adorable, pastel-coloured art style which is quickly made less adorable by the spurts of blood from each gory battle.


On Thursday, there's a real mix of genres. We'll be starting with Bus Simulator, which is just what it says on the tin. We'll be taking on the role of a bus driver across 12 vast districts, from downtown to villages, experiencing everything from traffic jams to bizarre weather conditions.

Next, we'll be moving over onto Overland, which is as unlike Bus Simulator as possible. It's a post-apocalyptic, strategy survival game, in which the player helps a group of travellers to cross the United States, scavenging for supplies, fighting creatures, and rescuing people along the way.

Be sure to join us over on Mixer from 4pm-6pm UK time (3 pm UTC) on both days!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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