Fight or Fright: Apex Legends' Limited-Time Halloween Event

By Heidi Nicholas, 10 days ago
Apex Legends is introducing a limited-time Halloween-themed Collection Event, titled Fight or Fright, next week. It'll run from October 15th to November 5th, and includes a new limited time mode — Shadowfall — and legendary weapon skins.

Shadowfall is the new limited-time mode which has a twisted version of the Apex games taking place in Kings Canyon under the cover of night. 35 solo players will fight it out in the darkness of King's Canyon, but it doesn't stop with death. Once players die, their Legend will respawn into an undead version of themselves and join the Shadow Squad. Members of the Shadow Squad can't use weapons or legend abilities, but make up for this with heightened movement and jump speed, a strong melee attack, the ability to climb walls, and unlimited respawns through skydiving. Once there are only ten Legends left alive to oppose the Shadow Squad, they must team up and reach an evac ship before being overrun.

Challenges completed during Fight or Fright reward players with a range of cosmetics, including skins, badges, music packs, and two legendary weapon skins.

Fight or Fright

There'll be 24 limited-time cosmetics as part of the Collection Event. Players can unlock these through direct purchase, crafting, and Event Apex Packs. Legendaries cost 1,800 Apex Coins and Epics cost 1,000 Apex Coins through direct purchase. Through crafting, Legendaries cost 2,400 Crafting Metals, with Epics costing 800 Crafting Metals. Event Apex Packs cost 700 Apex Coins. Event Apex Packs will no longer feature event currency, and will now hold extra loot instead. There'll also be no duplicates. Unlocking all 24 Collection Pack Items during Fight or Fright will reward players with a free Lifeline Heirloom set. The set will also be available as a bonus in Apex Packs after Fight or Fright finishes.

Fight or Fright

Lastly, players can earn double XP in Top 5s and Wins from 10am PST on October 25 until 10am PST on October 28.

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