A New Monster, a New Region, and New Room Features are Coming to Iceborne Tomorrow

By Heidi Nicholas, 9 days ago
Iceborne, the huge expansion for Monster Hunter World, has been out for just over a month now. Tomorrow, October 10th, Capcom are implemening the first title update, Update 11.50, which adds a new monster and a new region.


One of the biggest additions coming with the update is the fanged beast Rajang. Rajang first appeared in Monster Hunter 2, and has been given a visual upgrade and additional moves to mark his new appearance. As in World, the update will see Special Assignments begin to appear in Iceborne after meeting certain conditions. Undertaking these assignments eventually leads the player to battle Rajang. The developers warn players that Rajang is too cunning to fall into pitfall traps, and that once he's in rampage mode, he can destroy shock traps. Capcom's recent Developer Diary also gave a look at the striking gold and black Rajang armour, which has a "kabuki-like flair".

Rajang armour set A

Next, there's the Guiding Lands. The Guiding Lands is a new locale, which is unlocked after completing Iceborne's story. It features multiple biomes, with environments resembling the Wildspire Waste, the Ancient Forest, the Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale. Each region has its own region level. Once that level is raised to a certain point, monsters will appear which are only found in the guiding lands, such as Zinogre. There's also materials to be found there which are unique to the region, and which can be used to expand weapon customisation.

The Guiding Lands also holds the tempered versions of Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian. Gold Rathian can be found in the Wildspire region of the Guiding Lands after raising the region level to a certain point, and Silver Rathalos can be found by investigating the Coral region. Within the Guiding Lands there's also the new Volcanic region, which is unlocked after starting the Special Assignment to defeat Rajang. The update also adds new layered armour. The developers decided that armour from Monster Hunter World will appear in Iceborne as layered armour, which can be crafted at the smithy. Players can start crafting this layered armour after acquiring the materials from the Guiding Lands.

The update also adds the ability to invite other players into your room. This means that any players in your current online session can access your room, so to ensure privacy, there'll also be the option to set up a private room with a password. There'll also be new decor for rooms, most of which seems to be paid content. Players will be getting a Great Jagras figure for free, however, and a new piece of decor which allows armour and weapons to be displayed.

Iceborne DLC

Lastly, the developers discussed Iceborne's roadmap, reminding players that the Resident Evil 2 crossover will happen in November.

Iceborne Roadmap

Check out the Developer Diary below if you'd like more details about tomorrow's update and Iceborne's future roadmap:

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