Pirate Adventure 'Atlas' Sails into Xbox Game Preview

By Sean Carey, 9 days ago
A new fantasy pirate adventure that could potentially rival Sea of Thieves has launched into Xbox Game Preview. Atlas features a massive open world where players can live out their own pirate fantasy by building their own ships, assembling a crew, discovering buried treasure and fighting it out on seas.

From the team behind Ark: Survival Evolved, Atlas features a massive open-world, which is 1200 times the size of Ark's — totalling 45,000 square kilometres. The map is supposedly so large it takes 30 hours to sail across it in a straight line. There are over 700 unique landmasses split up into ten world regions — all of which have their own individual resources, creatures and secrets. According to the game's developer, Atlas will support up to 40,000 players simultaneously in the word — a bold claim.

Players can also construct their own ships — from tiny rafts all the way up to vast galleons. Ships can be designed and customised in the way you want. Choose the location of gunports, planks and masts should go on your ship. Ships also need a crew, and in Atlas, you can recruit other players or NPCs to join you on the seas.

Atlas also features cross-platform support which allows Xbox and Steam PC players to explore the world together. Keyboard and Mouse support is enabled on the Xbox One too, which ensures the same experience for both platforms. There is also the choice of playing on either PvP or PvE servers, with everything being up for grabs in PvP including ships, NPC crewmembers and player-owned territories. If you're not interested in either of these, there is a single-player mode where you can explore Atlas on your own, or privately with up to eight friends.

Atlas is currently in Xbox Game Preview which means you can play a free trial version of the game before deciding on making a purchase. Atlas is currently retailing at $29.99/£24.99/€29.99, but when the game launches fully, expect the price to increase.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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