Ubisoft Release the Trailer for The Division 2's Second Episode

By Heidi Nicholas, 9 days ago
"Time is running out": Ubisoft's latest trailer is for Episode 2 of Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Episode 2, titled Pentagon: The Last Castle, has its trailer set in the Pentagon. Year 1 Pass Holders can play Episode 2 seven days early on October 15th. If you don't have a Year 1 Pass, Episode 2 unlocks on October 22nd.

Ubisoft say Episode 2 includes two new missions, a new PvP mode titled "Team Elimination", a new weapon and gear, a new specialisation "the Technician". The intro for Episode 2 involves breaking into and establishing a foothold in the Pentagon, where the missions will start. The first mission is to locate the perfusion bioreactor in the Pentagon's underground lab. The Black Tusk have beaten the agents to it, and are trying to steal the reactor.

Episode 2 Mission 1

The second mission revolves around the DARPA research labs. It seems that players will be making full use of the Pentagon, as thye must first make their way through into the DARPA labs, and then find the Black Tusk who are attempting to transport the perfusion bioreactor through a network of Cold War tunnels.

Episode 2 Mission 2

The two classified assignments are the Marina Supply Route and the Embassy Crash Site. The agents' task here is to investigate a supply route which Outcasts have been using to move weapons along the Potomac River. The agents must then seize all weapons and assets they can. The Embassy Crash Site seems to be more of a search and rescue mission. Outcasts shot a Joint Task Force helicopter, which then crashed into the Mexican Embassy in Washington, DC. The agents have to get to the helicopter and rescue its pilot, as well as secure all the supplies it was carrying before the Outcasts reach the crash site and try to reclaim them. Ubisoft's State of the Game stream gave this image of a summary for what to expect in Title Update 6 and Episode 2:

Title Update 6 and Episode 2

Their news update also gives more details, and you can watch their State of the Game stream below:

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