Fortnite Season X Ends With a World-Ending Black Hole

By Heidi Nicholas,
UPDATE: Fortnite Chapter Two has officially begun.

Original story:

Fortnite's Season X ended with a bang — literally. The entire map was sucked into a black hole, Epic Games wiped all of their social media, and all players could see when trying to access Fortnite was a black hole.

Season X of Fortnite is officially over, with Fortnite itself currently unplayable. Millions watch on Youtube, Twitter, Mixer and Twitch as the live stream of a black hole continues. As pointed out by the Fortnite News Twitter account, numbers are occasionally visible. Fans have been working on theories ever since the number's appeared, putting them into Google Maps and assigning them to recordings of The Visitor, but no one's confirmed what these numbers mean yet. Epic have added in a little minigame to the stream to keep fans entertained. Put in the Konami code, and a space invaders style game kicks up, with players as a pizza slice against Durr Burgers.

Twitch and Mixer had service issues due to the number of people reacting to the stream, and the Epic Games store also crashed. This wasn't intended as an accompaniment to the social media blackout — Epic Games have confirmed that the issue was being worked on, and is now corrected.

However, Fortnite itself is still unplayable. There's still no sign of when we'll hear about the next season — or Chapter Two, as some rumours have titled it, but we'll update as the situation changes.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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