Ruffian Games is Working with Rockstar on "Upcoming Games"

By Sean Carey,
Dundee's Ruffian Games is hiring for multiple positions to work with Rockstar on "upcoming titles" after recently completing work on bringing Halo: Reach to Halo: The Master Chief Collection with 343 Industries.

It's unclear as to what the titles Ruffian will be working on — it could either be ports of previous Rockstar games or a new title altogether. Ruffian has posted on its site that it's looking to fill several permanent engineering positions, presumably to work on these "upcoming titles."

None of the job postings specifically mention Rockstar; however, an article released, and then tweeted out by The Scottish Games Network says that Ruffian is working on upcoming titles for Rockstar. Ruffian has since retweeted the article with the message: "We're hiring!"

Ruffian previously developed Crackdown 2 and has since worked on several Kinect games and the multiplayer for Crackdown 3.

On Ruffian's website, it states that former developers for Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt are among its staff, indicating a connection with Rockstar. Plus, Ruffian is located in Dundee, not too far from Rockstar North which is in Edinburgh.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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