Rampant Quitters are Receiving Two Year Bans in Gears 5

By Sean Carey,
Gears 5 has several multiplayer modes where teamwork plays a key factor. Being just one player down puts a team at a significant disadvantage. The Coalition is now trying to stamp out "rampant quitters" by handing out heavy suspensions — some being almost two years long.
Gears 5 multiplayer suspensions

Reddit user NoLifeDegenerate shared a screenshot showing he had been banned from Gears 5's multiplayer for a whopping 640 days. In his post, it says, "no warning whatsoever. Nice job, assholes. Can't even implement quit penalties without fucking it up." NoLifeDegenerate clearly thought this was a mistake.

However, director of communications at Microsoft for Gears of War, Dana Sissons, responded to a tweet about the suspension and clarified that the account used was a serial quitter — quitting 18 out of 21 matches played in Escalation mode in the last day alone.

The Coalition has since put out a tweet stating that the bans are for players that have been consistently quitting multiplayer matches. The hefty bans were for prior behaviour, but now it looks like rampant quitters have been given one final chance with The Coalition un-banning impacted players. However, these players are now just "one quit away from suspension."

Source: SegementNext

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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