We're Streaming 4 Games This Week On Mixer and We're Giving Away a Copy of Frostpunk!

By Sean Carey,
This week, we've got four games that we're streaming for your viewing pleasure over on the TrueGaming Network Mixer channel. Be sure to tune in on both Tuesday and Thursday from 4 PM- 6 PM BST (3 PM UTC) — we will be giving away ID@Xbox Game codes during the streams including a copy of Frostpunk: Console Edition which we gave a glowing 4/5 in our site review.


On Tuesday, Sean is streaming (from 4 PM) a couple of grim games that should get you in Halloween mood. First up is Felix the Reaper, a charming romantic comedy puzzle game all about dancing and death. Manipulate the shadows and make sure Felix isn't seen so that he can dispatch his victims.

Next, we have Worse Than Death, a much darker game than Felix the Reaper. Worse Than Death is an action-adventure horror game about a high-school reunion that goes horribly wrong. We'll play as Holly, who will have to hide in the shadows and avoid strange creatures as we try to uncover the terrible truths of Holly's home town.


Things are a bit cheerier and brighter on Thursday with Heidi streaming 3D open-world platformers from 4 PM. First up is A Knight's Quest. Rusty, a clumsy adventurer, accidentally sets in motion a chain of events that will destroy the world. Rusty will have to solve puzzles, fight enemies and beat challenging bosses to restore order.

Then we have another platformer that needs no introduction with Yooka-Laylee. The spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie follows chameleon Yooka and bat Laylee on their quest to retrieve a magical book from an evil corporation.

Be sure to join us on both Tuesday and Thursday from 4 PM- 6 PM BST (3 PM UTC) over on the TrueGaming Network Mixer channel
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
Sean joined the team as a Staff Writer for both TrueAchievements and TrueTrophies in 2019. He games across all platforms and is always looking for an excuse to replay any of the Metal Gear Solid titles.