Infinity Ward Confirm They're Not Working on Loot Boxes for Modern Warfare

By Heidi Nicholas,
Loot boxes and supply drops remain a contentious subject, and some fans were worried about what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might have in way of these. Studio Art Director for Infinity Ward Joel Emslie appeared on Reddit, sounding a little frustrated, to say that Infinity Ward aren't working on loot boxes or supply drops for Modern Warfare.

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"Sigh. There continues to be misinformed and incorrect info being pushed about Modern Warfare", he says. "What I can say right now is that we are definitely NOT working on any kind of supply drop or loot box system. Also, functional stuff is unlocked through GAMEPLAY. Stay tuned, we're planning to release info this week." There's less than two weeks to go until Modern Warfare releases on October 25th, and so it'll be interesting to see what information Infinity Ward release.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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  • Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:27Permalink
    They aren't working on them cause they're already finished? laugh
    Just kidding, really looking forward to this game and this is great news.
  • Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:34Permalink
    Remember: The same thing was said about microtransactions in CTR.
  • CuthredCuthred580,432
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:35Permalink
    maybe they are called differently this time?
  • Dalek LegionDalek Legion432,402
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:39Permalink
    What BS, we all know that by the end of November we'll be opening supply crates on the beaches of Normandy again...
    Beep Boop
  • Pizza2DaRollPizza2DaRoll161,797
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:39Permalink
    This is a fuckin lie. Wait a couple of months and see what they do. Never pre order shit unless it is from a respective company, but even that isn't a sure fire thing these days. Activision is a greedy mother.
  • Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:42Permalink
    Yeah, not working on loot boxes. This time, we have a store for you that sells $50 knife skins with no RNG!! *cha-ching*
  • MemesNBeerMemesNBeer119,083
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:43Permalink
    Well that’s technically true. They will be working on adding them LATER ON lmao
  • Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:45Permalink
    They will add them a few weeks after release as well as the rest of their greedy practices, you have to be blinder than helen keller to think they arent going to put lootboxes in
  • WiznyattWiznyatt796,599
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:46Permalink
    My guess is they are just going to have a list of things you can buy and there is nothing random about it. Microtransactions, yes. Loot boxes, no.
  • LuucLuuc372,472
  • romo7816romo7816456,859
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:49Permalink
    Well duh they aren't working on it, instead they are working on suprise mechanics.
  • HonchoHoncho520,106
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:54Permalink
    Ingame-Marketplace then? Companion app with loot unlocks? Crossover with the mobile game for gameplay advantages? We will see ...
  • TuschiTuschi926,467
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 16:56, Edited on 14 October 19 at 16:57 by TuschiPermalink
    Classic modern marketing. They'll come up with something worse.
    EDIT: Classic modern... I guess I'm the idiot. facepalm
  • SlipKnoT 008SlipKnoT 008449,226
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 17:04Permalink
    Those surprise mechanics will show up as a surprise a month of two after launch.
  • SheBeatsYouSheBeatsYou191,332
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 17:36Permalink
    Meanwhile, the guy that leaked everything about this game and has inside sources says otherwise... If anyone believes this I feel so sorry for you.
  • Posted on 14 October 19 at 17:58Permalink
    Treyarch is working on the loot box department
  • Posted on 14 October 19 at 18:01Permalink
    No we’ll get them a year later like survival
  • Posted on 14 October 19 at 18:40Permalink
    I have to go with everyone else here, a CoD game without lootboxes?!? Yeah right.... maybe not at launch but we all know how it works now :p

    Still on the fence about day 1 purchase.
  • GerbasgamerGerbasgamer1,154,581
    Posted on 14 October 19 at 19:36Permalink
    doesn't really matter, lootboxes will be there at some point.
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