Fortnite Adds a 3D Headphones Feature

By Heidi Nicholas,
Epic continue to add new features to Fortnite as the game enters its second chapter. The new audio option is a minor change compared to a new map and new aquatic gameplay, but developers say it makes a difference when searching for opponents.

The 3D headphones option can be toggled on in settings, and will "enable binaural audio" and provide "3D audio spatialization, so you can hear the location of sounds more precisely, including above, below, and behind you". As shown in the video, players will be able to get a more exact location for objects of interest. Instead of just hearing an enemy overhead, players can now follow their footsteps as they move about above them, and get an idea of where they're going. It will also apparently making finding chests easier, such as the ones hidden in attics or basements.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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