Microsoft Surveys Public on Avatars

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
It seems Microsoft has more sophisticated wardrobe plans in mind. Avatars have already been implemented into a handful of games, but that feature didn't necessarily give avatars the breakthrough that Microsoft initially wanted, or so it seems.

As a result, they have sent out a new, fairly-detailed survey asking XBL members a variety of questions regarding the little guys. Highlights from the questionnaire include the ability to create your own clothing, the addition of miscellaneous goodies such as pets, and most notably, the possibility of achievements being linked to clothing.

Does this mean that we'll see a change in the near future, and if so, could it be that we'll be wearing our best achievements as badges? We can at least hope for the time being that they'll take the avatars in the direction they should have gone from the get go.

Check out the external link for the questionnaire.
Credit for this story goes to PTC FRKNBNS