The TrueAchievements Extra Life 2019 Hub Is Live – Help us Raise $10,000 For Charity!

By Sam Quirke,
The TrueAchievements Extra Life 2019 Hub is now live! You can join the TrueAchievements Extra Life team on the official website, and request to join our dedicated leaderboard to be part of the event.

Extra Life 2019 TrueAchievements

How Do I Register for the TrueAchievements Extra Life 2019 Event?

Simple! Just hit the "Send registration application" on the right side of the Hub itself. This will do two things. First, it will send a request to our team captain omgeezus to join the official TrueAchievements Extra Life 2019 leaderboard, and that will put your gamertag and avatar onto the hub! omgeezus will reach out to you to get your stream and donation link details so we can put a link right under your name.

Secondly, hitting "Send registration application" will redirect you to the TrueAchievements Extra Life team page. In order to contribute to our overall goal of $10,000 USD, you will need to join the TA team on Extra Life. We've detailed all the steps you need to take in our Extra Life team announcement story.

When does Extra Life 2019 start?

In terms of donations — any time! Donations have already started rolling in for our current Extra Life Team members. You can choose to stream when you want to, and however you want to, and for however long you want to; it doesn't have to be a straight 24 hours, it can be whatever you like! However the official marathon day is November 2nd 2019, so this is when the majority of gamers worldwide will be completing their 24-hour stream.

Are the TGN news and streaming crew getting involved?

We are!. Details have not been finalised yet, but currently the plan is for Heidi to do a stream on Thursday 31st while Sean will pick up the controller on Sunday 3rd November. We'll update you as soon as the crew have decided which games they are going to play.

As for me, I am putting aside Friday November 1st to stream either an old favourite — Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection — or a recent favourite in HITMAN 2, which of course contains the whole of HITMAN. As these would both be new stacks for me, the plan is to try and get as many achievements as I can in 24 hours! Feel free to leave your thoughts on which I should play in the comments below.

All of these streams will be appearing on our TrueGaming Network Mixer channel. On official Marathon Day — Saturday 2nd — we will switch over to hosting a variety of TA community members that have decided to join us for this event!

So if you are planning to raise funds for this good cause, make sure to register on site and you might even end up on our Mixer channel!
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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