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By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
Boys and girls, before we go into this next bit of news, the Newshound team would like to write this in big, bold, italicized, underlined words:


Hopefully this clears up the initial, "the sky is falling!" speculation.

With that out of the way, Activision has divulged details on the oft-rumored Call of Duty: Elite service today. Here are the facts, as relayed to TrueAchievements:

1- Call of Duty: Elite Is a Service

Many of you might be familiar with Halo Waypoint which tracks stats and provides an overall meta-score for all things Halo. Call of Duty: Elite will be a similar service. Elite will track gamers stats across several CoD games, provide a social network to connect gamers, supply hints, tips and strategies for the various games as well as create a competitive gaming site.

2- Call of Duty: Elite Is Free

Elite works with the multiplayer components of as well as the forthcoming Modern Warfare 3 and it's free. Nothing is being taken away from the base experience. Elite basically enhances the CoD experience and gives gamers another layer of awesome sauce.

3- There IS a "Premium" Component, But It's OPTIONAL

The core services of Elite are FREE, meaning any CoD gamer can use them for no charge. There are, however, additional and optional services that will go above and beyond the core services. These additional and optional services will have a fee. Activision's Dan Amrich (formerly of OXM) uses a great analogy for these "premium" services:

You can watch NBC, CBS, and ABC all you want, just for the price of buying a TV. However, if you want more — Comedy Central or HBO or NBA League Pass — then you subscribe to a cable or satellite service to get those extra programs. You don’t have to; it’s a question of whether or not you want to see those other shows. If you’re happy with your usual high-quality network television, keep on enjoying it. If you want more content from your TV, you can choose to subscribe to more.
4- Pricing for the "Premium" Components Have Not Been Announced

The pricing for the "premium" component (as well as what you get for it) has not yet been determined and will be announced later this summer. The Wall Street Journal report (which many in our community have read) fixated on the pricing point which they compared to the $7.99/month Netflix membership. This is NOT official and is merely an initial, ballpark estimate.

5- You Have Options When Purchasing DLC

If you DON'T want the premium portion of Call of Duty: Elite, you can still purchase the DLC just as you always have. You can, however, get the DLC automatically as part of the Elite premium membership. Beachhead's Studio Head, Chacko Sonny, describes the DLC perk of Elite's premium membership with the following:

If you are the player who wants to purchase DLC separately, that option is still there — you can go ahead and buy the DLC independent of the premium membership if you want. That said, if you want to purchase the premium membership, get the benefits that will be offered in terms of the features on Elite and get the DLC with it, it will be a great deal for you.
6- Elite Will NOT Give Gamers A Competitive Advantage

No special weapons. No jumping up in prestige. No in-game competitive perks.

7- Elite Has Been In Development For Over Two Years

The service has been designed using loads of data from Black Ops and will also function with Modern Warfare 3.

8- You Can Access Elite On A Number of Platforms

The service is being designed so that gamers can access it, not only on the 360, but also from mobile devices and PCs.

9- Elite Will Let You Make Your Own Groups

Many gamers (myself included) don't play online multiplayer much because of the atmosphere: vulgarity, swearing, homophobia, racism, you name it. Elite will allow you to make your own groups so that you can game with like-minded gamers.

10- There is a Free Public Beta Coming

Elite is being scheduled to officially launch with Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th. To prep for the launch, Activision will be holding a free public beta this summer. If you're interested in signing up, please visit:

11- Is Anyone Still Reading?

If so, please use the word "hullaballoo" in a comment somewhere.

Finally, Activision has put out the following video that summarizes many of the things that Call of Duty: Elite will offer as well as a short teaser of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer.

If you're really jonesing to hear the news from the proverbial horses' mouths, please check out the Activision Press Release here and Dam Amrich's blog here.

Thanks to the many, MANY community members who suggested this.
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