WWE 2K20 Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the WWE 2K20 Achievement list.

There are 51 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 5 of which are secret (to reveal the details of the secret achievements, please use this link).

WWE 2K20 ~ TitledHeroArt

Name Description Gamerscore
I get knocked down… Use Payback Instant Recovery to quickly rise after being knocked down. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
I got the Poison Use Payback Spray Poison Mist to your opponent's face. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
I'll be there for you! Activate the Run-In Payback. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 15
No Tanks! Use the Tank buff to minimize damage from your opponent's Finisher. (PLAY mode agaisnt A.I.) 15
Ding! Use Payback Low Blow to slow your opponent down. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 15
Imposter Defeat your opponent with their own Finisher. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
By Gawd! Put your opponent through the top of the cell. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 30
Never look back Steel Cage: Escape through the door. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 15
Cash Me Out Win a Title by cashing in your custom MITB. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Fond Memories SHOWCASE: Clear all matches. 15
Stepping Stone MyPLAYER TOWERS: Complete one Tower. 15
A Fighter 2K CENTRAL TOWERS: Clear Roman Reigns' Tower 30
Superstar MyPLAYER: Reach Prestige Rank 2. 15
A road well traveled ROAD TO GLORY: Win 50 matches. 30
Star Power ROAD TO GLORY: Win 10 matches. 30
High Pressure Situation ROAD TO GLORY: Win a Main Event in a PPV. 15
SNICKERS. Hunger to Win > Hunger UNIVERSE: Play and Win 50 matches. 30
Yoink! Use Payback Rush to steal 3 finishers in one match. 15
Untouchable Use Payback Fortify to deflect 1000 total damage. 15
Coordinated Win by performing a Pin Combo through a Signature or Finisher. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
End Game Win a Royal Rumble as entrant #1 or #2 against AI.(PLAY mode against A.I.) 30
Gladiator PLAY: Take control of a Superstar and win a Tournament against AI with "DAMAGE RETENTION" enabled. 30
My Favorite! Equip a Favorite Foreign Object and grab it from under the apron. 15
Cozy CREATIONS: Create your own Arena. 10
A Good Year UNIVERSE: Complete a year of universe. 90
An Original CREATIONS: Create a unique Superstar with their own Move-set, Entrance, and Victory pose. 15
Take it easy Play one Match using Assist Mode. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 10
Good Ratings UNIVERSE: Complete a Month of Shows. 15
Reliable Worker MyPLAYER: Complete a Side Plate. 15
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 10
Squad Up As a Tag Team, perform your Tag Team Move. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Boosted MyPLAYER: Use a Boost in a match. 15
It's Showtime UNIVERSE: Create a new Major Show in Universe. 15
Fighting words UNIVERSE: Activate a potential Rivalry. 15
An Iconic Duo Perform a Dual Attack in a Mixed Gender Match. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
No Refunds Send your Opponent through a table. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Reversal of Fortune Reverse a Finisher. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
FREEDOM! Break free from a Carry. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Enemy of the People Defend successfully against elimination in a Royal Rumble match. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Attack of Opportunity Attack a Groggy Opponent with a Diving Attack from the Top Rope. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
No Surrender Break out of a Submission without overlapping once. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Stubborn Finish an opponent without landing a finisher or signature. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Secret Achievement Continue playing to unlock this achievement. 10
Overachiever Use the Adrenaline Payback to Carry an opponent over your weight class. (PLAY mode against A.I.) 15
Road Trip! MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 1. 15
Get outta Town! MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 4. 15
Paving the Way MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 10. 15
The Best MyCAREER: Clear Chapter 18. 90
Step Inside with WWE 2K20. Featuring key gameplay improvements, and a new 2K Showcase focused on the Four Horsewomen/Women’s Evolution. 2K Towers also return, including a story-driven tower based on the career of Roman Reigns. Plus, an all-new MyCAREER that features both male and female playable characters.
WWE 2K20 is developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K.

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