Xbox Gameplay Chart, Week Ending 20 October 19

By Heidi Nicholas,
There's a little more movement in our chart this week, although it's no surprise to see Fortnite remain at no. 1. Following Season X ending with the entire map being sucked into a black hole and a complete media blackout, Fortnite returned with Chapter 2. Chapter 2 included new aquatic gameplay amongst other changes, along with a brand new map to use them on. Fortnite's disappearance and reappearance sparked interest across all media. Lady GaGa even briefly tuned in to find out what was going on, even though she apparently didn't know what Fortnite was. The hugely popular Minecraft also remains as immovable as ever in the second spot. There's a little more movement lower down as titles shuffle up and down the top 40.

Here is the top 40 Xbox Gameplay Chart for the week ending 20 October 2019.

PositionGamePublisherLast week
1 iconFortniteEpic Games1
2 iconMinecraftMicrosoft Studios2
3 iconApex LegendsElectronic Arts4
4 iconGrand Theft Auto VRockstar3
5 iconTom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft5
6 iconDestiny 2Activision6
7 iconCall of Duty: Black Ops 4Activision8
8 iconROBLOXRoblox Corporation10
9 iconRocket LeaguePsyonix12
10 iconBorderlands 32K Games7
11 iconGears 5Xbox Game Studios9
12 iconFIFA 20Electronic Arts11
13 iconFriday the 13th: The GameGun Media-
14 iconForza Horizon 4Microsoft Studios13
15 iconOverwatch: Origins EditionBlizzard Entertainment16
16 iconWorld War ZMad Dog Games14
17 iconRed Dead Redemption 2Rockstar15
18 iconNBA 2K202K Sports17
19 iconPlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsMicrosoft18
20 iconMadden NFL 20Electronic Arts20
21 iconTom Clancy's Ghost Recon BreakpointUbisoft19
22 iconBattlefield VElectronic Arts22
23 iconCall of Duty: Black Ops IIIActivision27
24 iconARK: Survival EvolvedReverb Publishing23
25 iconDead by DaylightStarbreeze25
26 iconFIFA 19Electronic Arts24
27 iconSea of ThievesMicrosoft Studios29
28 iconTom Clancy's The Division 2UbisoftRE
29 iconMortal Kombat 11Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment21
30 iconFor HonorUbisoft28
31 iconJump ForceBandai Namco26
32 iconSMITEHi-Rez Studios32
33 iconHalo: The Master Chief CollectionMicrosoft Studios31
34 iconCall of Duty: Black Ops IIActivision34
35 iconStar Wars Battlefront IIElectronic Arts37
36 iconMinecraft: Xbox One EditionMicrosoft Studios33
37 iconMonster Hunter: WorldCAPCOM CO., LTD.30
38 iconCall of Duty: WWIIActivision36
39 iconNBA 2K192K Sports35
40 iconHalo 5: GuardiansMicrosoft Studios39
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Apex Legends and Grand Theft Auto V have switched places. Apex Legends' slight rise might be due to its new Shadowfall mode and Fight or Fright event, both of which have just started. Shadowfall takes the fight beyond death, as Legends are brought back as the undead to fight again in the Shadow Squad. Shadowfall and Fight or Fright run until November 5th, so it'll be interesting to see whether Apex Legends holds its spot at no. 3. Rocket League, meanwhile, has jumped up three spaces to no. 9. This could perhaps be because of its new Stranger Things-themed Haunted Hallows, which brings Farmstead to The Upside Down. It's less clear why Borderlands 3 and Gears 5 have moved a couple of ranks down. Both have had recent changes. Gears 5 got its first DLC character drop a few days ago, and week three of the Borderlands Anniversary Celebration kicked off recently with "Show Me the Eridium", so it'll be interesting to see whether these changes cause the titles to move back up next week. Friday the 13th: The Game makes its first appearance in the chart, coming in at — fittingly — no.13. This is probably due to its inclusion with Games with Gold for October; it remains available until November 15th.

Red Dead Redemption 2 has dropped a few places to no. 15. Red Dead 2's massive update for Online, which came out a month ago and added the possibility for players to be Bounty Hunters, Traders, or Collectors, reignited excitement for online. Rockstar continue to add weekly Legendary Bounties, whilst last week's update added role-specific rewards along with minor additions, such as a new breed of dog for a camp dog. Perhaps these weekly updates will take RDR2 further up the chart next week. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, meanwhile, has moved down two places to no.21, and perhaps this reflects the lukewarm reviews it's been getting since launch. Call of Duty: Black Ops III has risen four places to no. 23, perhaps in anticipation of the release of Modern Warfare this Friday. The Division 2 made its re-entrance into a spot at no. 28, which is probably due to its inclusion on the Free to Play Days over the weekend. Mortal Kombat 11 has dropped eight places to no. 29. Its free weekend ended October 14th, the same day as our last chart, which perhaps explains its drop this week. It has its own seasonal event running from October 25th to November 5th, bringing four new boss fights, so maybe its position will have changed next week. Lastly, Monster Hunter: World has dropped seven places to no. 37, despite the addition of a new region and new monster.

Two massively anticipated games are releasing this week: The Outer Worlds and Modern Warfare. Both games release on Friday, and so we may be seeing a lot more movement in the chart next week. How high do you think they'll rank? Will either of them challenge Minecraft or Fortnite? Let us know what you think in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
Hey, I'm Heidi! I've just finished studying a Masters in English Literature, but I've been obsessed with gaming since long before then. I began on the PS2 with Spyro, before graduating to the Xbox 360 and disappearing into Skyrim. I'm now a loyal RPG fan, but I still like to explore other genres — when I'm not playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, or being lured back into Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Witcher 3!
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  • tsu4311tsu4311148,254
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 11:23Permalink
    I wonder if the free upgrade being offered for minecraft Xbox one edition to minecraft will have a impact on the two on this list
  • Posted on 21 October 19 at 11:48, Edited on 21 October 19 at 11:49 by Stinky Big BudsPermalink
    Giving BL3 a rest for a bit or until some DLC, the events didn't do much at all that I noticed it felt just the same but tbf I didn't actively seek them out. Might have a bash on RDR2 and check out the updates while I wait for Outer Worlds.

    No surprise at all that the blackout didn't move Fortnite. GAGa even took a look, she aint no Lady.
  • SeitzzSeitzz682,626
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 14:21Permalink
    Seems like any new releases will just crack the top 10 for the first couple weeks after launch and then slowly simmer down. Guessing CoD will have a bigger mark, but we'll see soon enough how that is.
  • Vok 250Vok 250193,419
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 14:31Permalink
    I'm very interested to see where The Outer Worlds ends up next week. It has a lot of hype, but these weekly charts are evidence that multiplayer, especially F2P/P2P "live service" models, is the future of gaming.

    Personally I cant stand "Battlepasses", live events, and the various other addiction/FOMO-based monetization schemes of modern gaming. I much prefer quality singleplayer experiences that offer a complete package for one up-front cost. The charts don't lie though. I am the minority in the current gaming industry.
  • XellizXelliz193,323
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 15:12Permalink
    Vok 250 said:
    Personally I cant stand "Battlepasses", live events, and the various other addiction/FOMO-based monetization schemes of modern gaming.
    I have had to make a personal decision to not play or at least severely limit games that have daily login rewards, because they are as you stated, addiction based monetization schemes. Even if I don't spend my money, they cost me time trying to feed the lizard brain.
  • MortaigneMortaigne159,226
    Posted on 21 October 19 at 16:20Permalink
    It would be interesting to see the list further down as that's where most of the interesting games are. This one is very samey with the usual suspects of shall I put it...mainstream variety.
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