Fortnite's Chapter 2 Gives a Big Boost to Flagging Xbox Player Numbers

By Sam Quirke,
Epic Games' ridiculously popular battle royale game has never quite appealed to our community — not least because the Fortnite achievement list has nothing to do with the battle royale in the first place — but even the wider Xbox community have been starting to drift away, according to our Gameplay Chart data. That all changed with the release of Chapter 2: our stats show that the mysterious black hole and the new island that appeared in its wake re-energised Xbox players for the first time in several months.

Fortnite Chapter 2 player numbers

Since August, player numbers have been dwindling pretty consistently on Xbox, based on our standard sampling of player data (you can find out all about our Xbox Gameplay Chart analysis here). At one point Fortnite was steadily occupying the attention of nearly 30% of sampled players – still a staggering feat given the amount of games on the market – but that figure dropped pretty drastically to below 20% during September. For most games, claiming 20% of a console's player base would still be a welcome feat. Yet given all that Epic is trying to achieve on the back of the profitabilty of a single title, a 10% drop in regular use over just one month would be a concern — especially if this Xbox figure turned out to be indicative of player movement across other consoles, mobile and PC.

Fortnite Xbox player numbers

Maybe it's not a surprise that the launch of an entirely revised game — not to mention the catastrophic finale to the previous iteration — would bring players back into the Fortnite fold. Still, the final boost is pretty impressive, putting Fortnite right back up to a 32% share of our 1-million strong player sampling. We can't say exactly why, and that's going to be interesting in the coming weeks. Are all of those additional console players only going to hang around while the hype of a new map is strong, or are they genuinely enthusiastic about some of the substantial gameplay tweaks that Epic Games' patched in while everyone was distracted by a black hole? We'll have to keep an eye on future Gameplay Charts to see exactly when that Fortnite magic might finally wear off.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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