EA Release the Trailer for Battlefield V: War in the Pacific

By Heidi Nicholas,
Chapter 5 of Battlefield V, War in the Pacific, is a free update heading to the game next week on October 31st. EA's latest trailer introduces the update:

War in the Pacific brings in two new factions: the Imperial Japanese Army and the U.S. Armed Forces. EA's site says that three classic maps are returning:

Iwo Jima: "The U.S. is attacking Iwo Jima on all fronts, and in this beachlanding mayhem you’ll be engaged in a fight over the thinner part of the island. It’s an all or nothing clash across wide-open black beaches and close-range environments like the tunnels of the mighty Mount Suribachi, inviting you to an iconic king-of-the-hill battle. Landing boats, aircraft, and tanks are plentiful, and each can sway the match in their own way."

Pacific Storm: "The weather is as treacherous as your foes on this set of islands where a game-changing storm may roll in, reducing your sightlines and evolving the battle. Move between islands with your squad and secure the control points using boats, amphibious tanks, or aircraft."

(Coming in December) Wake Island: "Arguably the most legendary map since the dawn of Battlefield, Wake Island arrives to Battlefield V in reimagined form in December. The map’s iconic, horseshoe-shaped layout ensures dynamic changes to where the action will be – though the Airfield and other areas granting vehicle access are sure to be constant focal points. Keep on the move to win the battle. Use Fortifications to create chokepoints and lure enemy forces into kill boxes. Do everything it takes in this war-ridden tropical setting to conquer the island, the skies, and the waves."

The update brings a host of new WW2 weapons: the Type 99 Arisaka, a bolt-action rifle available for the Recon class, the Type 100, available for the Medic class, and the M1919A6, a machine gun for the Support class. EA say that "as the Tides of War continue," Chapter 5 will also later bring the M3 Grease Gun, Nambu Type 2A, Type 97 LMG, and M1918 A2. The Lunge Mine will also be added. The katana is also available as a weapon, and will feature as a battle pickup alongside the M2 Flamethrower, both of which are shown in the trailer.

Chapter 5 battle pickups

There's also a range of new vehicles: The M4 Sherman and Type 97 medium tanks, the LVT and Ka-Mi Light Amphibious Tanks, the Dinghy, the MB Jeeb, the Type 95 car, the F4U Corsair in Fighter and Bomber variants, and the Zero Fighter. The reinforcements available to be called on the American side are the Sherman Calliope, the JB-2 Rocket, Supply Drop, Smoke Barrage and Sector Artillery. The Japanese soldiers have the pre-existing reinforcements, along with the KI-147 I-Go rocket and a Rocket Barrage Tank.

The new Elites are:

Jack Culver: "The unflinching Jack is as dangerous behind a mounted machine gun as with his Escape Axe melee weapon. Jack completed a dozen missions in the European theater before being reassigned to the Pacific. Always first to volunteer, he has an ability to push squadmates through what they consider impossible situations and is infamous for expending excess ammunition and explosives."

Keisuke Nakamura: "Inspiring fearlessness in those who fight alongside him, Keisuke is an experienced, tactical, and natural-born commander, who always finds the perfect moment to strike. An authority on the battlefield and a skilled sidearm marksman, Keisuke believes a precision attack is more effective than the largest raid. Beware his skills – and his Hachiwari melee weapon."

The Jungle Carbine, Type 94 and Model 27 will be chapter rewards, along with the Epic Nighthawk outfit. Chapter 5: War in the Pacific will also be available to play on a free trial weekend running from November 1st to November 4th.

War in the Pacific
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