Rocket League Winter Roadmap Includes Original Three DLCs Free for All Players

By Sean Carey,
As the Haunted Hallows event draws to a close in Rocket League, Psyonix is has detailed its plans for what's to come in the remaining months of 2019 with a newly released winter roadmap — including Competitive Season 12 Rewards, Frosty Fest and the first three original DLC are being given away for free.

Competitive players can earn unique Universal Animated Decals in Season 12. Each rank has its own Animated Decal that can be equipped to any customisable vehicle. Check out the video above to see all the decals that are up for grabs when Season 12 finishes in December.

Psyonix is also giving away the first three DLC packs to all Rocket League owners. In an update that's coming before the end of the year, everything included in the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars and Chaos Run DLCs will be made available to all players. The packs include Dominus, Takumi, Scarab, Zippy, Ripper and Grog.

The DLCs have been removed from sale along with the Rocket League Game of the Year Edition as it included those DLCs. Players who purchased any of the DLCs on October 1, 2019, or afterwards can get a refund through the Microsoft Store. No exact date has been given for the update as of yet.

Inventory Archiving is also coming in the Blueprint Update later this year. Archiving will allow players to archive items from their inventories into an "Archive" tab.

Psyonix has also announced Frosty Fest 2019, which will begin mid-December and runs into the new year. This will add winter and holiday-themed cosmetics and most likely, some new cars too.

Rocket Pass 5 will also begin in early December. Psyonix will reveal more on this closer to the time.

Source: Rocket League

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