Ubisoft Suing Hackers Over Rainbow Six Siege Cheats

By Sean Carey,
Ubisoft has entered a legal battle with a website that sells cheats for Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft is suing MizuSoft, (a self-proclaimed "leading cheat provider") over the alleged sale of cheating software that increases the damage inflicted by a player, widens the players field-of-view and allows the player to see areas of the battlefield that would otherwise be unseen. Ubisoft believes that this tool has been downloaded and used "thousands of times" and earning the website "thousands of dollars each month" according to a recently discovered legal document.

R6: Siege 5

In the document filed on October 23, Ubisoft says that the conduct of the cheat maker and the site owner (known as J.V.L in the lawsuit, as they are a minor) has caused harm to Ubisoft and its business interests. Ubisoft also claims that by selling cheating software the defendant has broken the law under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. Ubisoft also says that the defendants are aware of the terms of use and code of conduct that prohibits players from cheating and that they "intentionally encourage users of R6S to purchase and use the cheating software."

The MizuSoft website states that it is a "leading cheat provider" that has a "near clean detection record" and are "deadset on keeping our cheat undetected and therefore prevent your account from being banned!" At the time of writing, the website still has one Rainbow Six Siege cheat for sale. The "R6-Budget Edition" is on sale from €11.99 per day.

The filing also states that Ubisoft believes the payments made were made to another website called Simply Dan Webdesign via Stripe. The company is owned by J.V.L's mother — Ubisoft is holding her accountable by saying she is "responsible for collecting, processing, and transmitting to one or more of the other Defendants payments made by MizuSoft’s customers for the Cheating Software."

Ten defendants are listed on the lawsuit in total with most being sued under their Discord names — Ubisoft only knows the identity of the website owner according to the filing. The document says that Ubisoft has had to spend "enormous sums of money (and vast amounts of time) attempting to remediate the damage caused by the Cheating Software." Ubisoft is seeking maximum damages of $25,000 per violation.

Source: Polygon & Torrent Freak

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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  • Hazar KhallHazar Khall589,330
    Posted on 24 October 19 at 14:54Permalink
    Oh snap, if they are right I actually hope they win the case.

    Ubi$oft really aint my cup of tea company wise, but I absolutely detest hacking; sure I rarely do multiplayer anything, but I suck as is. Better to suck on a level playing field than to stoop so low, just saps the fun out of it.
    Go big or go home (>*_*)>---gs
  • Posted on 24 October 19 at 15:02Permalink
    I hope the people selling their cheating software get the death penalty headspin
  • Posted on 24 October 19 at 15:09Permalink
    Woot about time!! I've seen these websites before and wondered how and why they get away with it. I'm not keen on Ubisoft but from a gamers point of view this is great news.

    I'd honestly feed these pricks to the dogs, I hate people that use these sites just as much, sad, horrible, pathetic people. I'd hate to be a person that has the thought process that somehow makes using these sites ok or worthwile even, even if it would make me a millionaire.
  • TrujewTrujew235,863
    Posted on 24 October 19 at 15:16Permalink
    Just bring the Rainbow Six franchise back to its Rogue Spear/Raven Shield single player roots already
  • Posted on 24 October 19 at 16:35Permalink
    Good. The people that need to go out of their way to buy their way to being good at a game is pathetic and it truly is a reflection of the type of person they are.
  • nightw0lfnightw0lf586,924
    Posted on 24 October 19 at 16:39, Edited on 24 October 19 at 16:40 by nightw0lfPermalink
    The lawsuit is fine, but Ubisoft also needs to take some accountability. The hacks are possible due to bugs and/or design flaws in the code. Patch your shit so they can't be exploited anymore.
  • SeitzzSeitzz683,652
    Posted on 24 October 19 at 17:42Permalink
    I wonder how this will end up going. I'd think Ubisoft has a significant advantage being such a huge company, but you never know.
  • Posted on 24 October 19 at 18:16Permalink
    They should fix the shit hole toxic community first, then worry about what’s going on outside of their control.
    If users on this site searched before posting, the forums would be a much better place.
  • Posted on 24 October 19 at 19:54Permalink
    Yummy Baklava said:
    They should fix the shit hole toxic community first, then worry about what’s going on outside of their control.
    They can't really fix people with a patch. However they can fix this.

    I hope Ubisoft destroy them.
  • Posted on 25 October 19 at 10:35Permalink
    Good. IDGAF if people want to use cheats in SP, but in MP its not fair on others when players cheat to give themselves an unfair advantage, whether it's because they suck at the game or because they can't handle not winning (to the point where a cheated win is more important than anything else) and they are not good enough to win without cheating.
  • StK IStK I549,692
    Posted on 25 October 19 at 14:58Permalink
    Straight up cheaters deserve no sympathy. Don't care for Ubisoft one way or the other, but in this case I hope they win
  • GsO LightGsO Light147,655 147,655 GamerScore
    Posted on 26 October 19 at 08:01Permalink
    Trujew said:
    Just bring the Rainbow Six franchise back to its Rogue Spear/Raven Shield single player roots already
    That's like asking humans to go back to the stone age.. good luck
  • Posted on 26 October 19 at 15:04Permalink
    I knew people had been cheating for quite a while. Everytime I played I was always running into opponents that knew exactly where I was when I was making no sound and was never spotted, but yet they would turn corners and quickly 1 shot me without a head shot, yet i could put half a clip of my main weapon into them and they would just sponge it up and not die..
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