Fortnite Revenue Estimated to Have Dropped 43% in September Before the Launch of Chapter 2

By Heidi Nicholas,
Fortnite's apocalyptic end to Season X and the launch of Chapter 2 was certainly memorable. The game was unplayable, Fortnite had wiped all social media, and nobody knew when it would be returning. The resulting anticipation garnered global scrutiny, and a resurgence of interest in the game. Yet the SuperData Research site estimated that the previous month had been the game's worst in terms of revenue since the year of its launch.

SuperData Research

This estimate appears to reinforce our recent article on the game's declining number of Xbox players. Using our Gameplay chart system, we found that the number of sampled players using Fortnite dropped to below 20% during September; a steep fall for a game like Fortnite. Likewise, we found that the end of Season X and the launch of Chapter 2 boosted Fortnite up to 32%, out of a player sample of 1-million. It seems that Chapter 2 came at just the right time. Unsurprisingly, SuperData's research also shows that Borderlands 3 performed well, with an estimated sale of over 3 million digital units on consoles and PCs in September.

You can have a look at how our Gameplay Chart works here.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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