Infinity Ward Are Investigating Modern Warfare Crashes on Xbox One X

By Sam Quirke,
If you have an Xbox One X and were planning to be among the first to complete the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare achievements list, you might be hitting a slight obstacle — the game is reportedly crashing quite a bit on Microsoft's most powerful console. Frustratingly, this isn't the first instance of Call of Duty Xbox One X crashes in the franchise's history.

So... the game is causing our Xbox One X's to hard crash. Can we not get this to top page so we can get a fix? from r/modernwarfare

We have to take the reports of Modern Warfare crashing on the Xbox One X with a pinch of salt — though we have some personal experience of the crashes among the team — due to that magic Reddit effect. Though the post has been hugely upvoted, enough to get Infinity Ward's attention, there are only a handful of specific reports in the thread — the upvotes may well be rage reactions rather than realistic figures for affected players. We'll surely get a better picture as more players jump in to the action throughout launch day.

Reported Modern Warfare crashes on the Xbox One X from Reddit user Hii im Noob include:

  • Crashes on death animation
  • Crashes on Custom Game Lobby settings menu
  • Crashes on party lobby while waiting for players
  • Crashes when signing in to servers after the title screen
  • Crashes when attempting to access Multiplayer from the Main Menu
Solo players can't escape the Modern Warfare Xbox One X crash either — a couple of reports, including one from our staff, include crashes at the end of the first
It's a frustrating time for Modern Warfare fans, who have already had to deal with substantial server crashes just after launch — though Infinity Ward claims that these should now be fixed. It's particularly annoying for Xbox One X owners, though, as this isn't the first time a Call of Duty product has specifically crashed the Xbox One X. Last year's Black Ops 4 reportedly crashed repeatedly on Blackout after a major patch, and there's Activision community support threads for Xbox One X crashes on Call of Duty: WWII as well.

Hopefully this time around the team can find quick and easy solutions to the Xbox One X crashing problem, especially as the Reddit complaint has received so much visibility. In the meantime, Infinity Ward continue to monitor server stability (surely the more pressing issue on their list) and are also letting people know how to access any additional content they should have received in their edition of the game:

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has released today. At the time of writing there are few official reviews, as news outlets are only receiving the code on launch day. We should have a review for you in the coming week.

Addtional sources: Activision community support, Reddit

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