Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Review Round-Up

By Heidi Nicholas,
Arguably one of the most anticipated titles of this year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out today. Not many have managed to get their hands on a copy early enough to review it, as it seems that those outlets which have, attended a specific press event. For this reason, we don't have a review yet, as we're waiting for our copy. Sean's ready to dig into Modern Warfare the minute our copy arrives and bring you his thoughts as soon as possible. Despite this, a few reviews are beginning to pop up, mostly focussing on the campaign as multiplayer hadn't yet been experienced. So far, it looks as though Modern Warfare is holding its own. Below, you can see a roundup of the reviews so far, with the platform or specification included where possible.


  • GamesRadar+: 4/5 " Infinity Ward has undoubtedly succeeded in assembling a blockbuster action game quite unlike any other. On the whole, it's a tightly scripted and excellently executed experience."
  • PC Gamer: 80% "'s Modern Warfare's moments of unfamiliarity that impressed me—rebuilt weapon handling, ambitious new multiplayer modes, and characters that aren’t the cookie-cutter operatives we've seen in the last decade." Reviewed on: Nvidia GTX 2080, Intel I9-7900X, 32GB RAM
  • PC Games N: 8/10 "While not every multiplayer addition is as good as it could be, Modern Warfare’s campaign sets a new gold standard for the series that will be hard for sequels to match."
  • Gamespot: 7/10 (Review in progress) "Modern Warfare makes old observations and presents them with new flourishes. Those new flourishes do make for a good campaign and solid multiplayer. But it's when Modern Warfare asks you to think harder that it falls short."
  • Game Informer: 8.75/10 "Developer Infinity Ward takes big chances in both multiplayer and the single-player campaign, and while some of the ideas hit with deadly precision, others fall flat." Reviewed on PlayStation 4
  • Windows Central: 4/5 "Modern Warfare feels like a return to form that made Infinity Ward such a name in first-person games."
  • Daily Star: 4/5 "Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a tight shooter that hits most of the parts you expect from a AAA shooter, but some of its obsessions leave a bitter taste in the mouth." Reviewed on PS4
  • The Daily Dot: 4/5 "The Modern Warfare reboot is a much-needed injection of the intimate, tense action heroics that made the original a defining experience." Reviewed on PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Metacritic: Metascore of 86/100
We'll bring you our own review as soon as we can.

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