The Outer Worlds: Where to Find All the Companions

By Heidi Nicholas,
If you have taken a trip to the Halcyon System this weekend, chances are that you've come across some fellow lost souls wanting to come along for the ride. There are a total of six companions to find in The Outer Worlds, and finding them all will unlock the “One for All” achievement. Acquiring the first companion will also unlock the “Best Friend” achievement. You can click through on the below panels to see how the community are doing in unlocking them, and you can also leave your own guides there for these or any other items on The Outer Worlds' achievements list.

The Outer WorldsBest FriendThe Best Friend achievement in The Outer Worlds worth 16 pointsRecruit a companion.

The Outer WorldsOne for AllThe One for All achievement in The Outer Worlds worth 30 pointsRecruit all of the companions.

These companions are found on different planets, at different points; so there may be some spoilers below for the story. With that being said, this your one and only *SPOILER WARNING*.

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The six companions are Parvati, Vicar Max, SAM, Ellie, Felix, and Nyoka. Parvati and Vicar Max are both found in Edgewater on Terra 2, the first region you visit. SAM is found on your ship once you get it up and running, Ellie and Felix are found on The Groundbreaker — narratively speaking, your next destination after Breakwater. Nyoka is found in Stellar Bay on Monarch.

How do I recruit Parvati as a companion?

Parvati is the easiest and fastest companion to acquire. She can be found in Reed Tobson’s office in Edgewater, located above the cannery. The quest marker will also lead you there, as you head to Reed Tobson’s office as part of the main “Stranger in a Strange Land” quest.

Parvati is the town mechanic, and has been called to Tobson’s office. After reprimanding her for a broken machine, Tobson asks you to talk to the town deserters, triggering the “Comes Now the Power” quest. Parvati volunteers to come along as a guide. Choose the “Sure, I could use the company” dialogue option. After you’ve accepted Parvati’s help and finished talking with Tobson, the “Best Friend” achievement for getting the first companion will unlock for 15 GS. Parvati then sticks with you for as long as you remain on Edgewater, and, when you head back to the ship to leave the planet, there’s the option to have her as a permanent companion. Approaching the ship will trigger a conversation with Parvati, where she confesses that she’s dreamed of flying on a ship and belonging to a crew, but that she’s indentured to Spacer’s Choice. Choose the “Those Deserters left Edgewater behind. Nothing keeping you from doing the same” option, and then “I’d be glad to have you along. Pick a cabin, it’s yours.” You can also pick the same option after chatting with Parvati and asking if Tobson will mind.

For those playing on Supernova difficulty, it's worth noting that you cannot dismiss Parvati as a companion until you complete Edgewater's main quest line. In other words, you can't dismiss her away to safety if she's taking a lethal beating in combat.


How do I recruit Vicar Max as a companion?

Parvati also leads you to Vicar Max, if you haven’t found him already. He also lives in Edgewater. Parvati asks you to consult the vicar for advice about what Tobson’s asked you to do, and it then flashes up as an optional objective on the main mission. Whilst talking with Vicar Max, he mentions a banned heretical book and asks you to get it. You can question him further about it before selecting the “I’ll look for your book” option. This triggers “The Illustrated Manual” companion quest, which needs to be completed to get Vicar Max as a companion.

The book was owned by a collector, and apparently still sits in his abandoned house just north outside of the town’s walls. The quest marker leads you to it. The area around the house is overrun by maurauders. The book you’re looking for is a blue handwritten journal, with M. Bakonu written in lower corner. But when you get to the house, there’s a letter by the Collector which explains how he was forced to relocate, and so hid his stash of contraband in a cave by the river. Follow the quest marker down the river to the mouth of the cave. The cave hideout is full of mines; either shoot them from a safe distance or avoid their explosions. The book’s in a safe, which needs a level 5 lockpicking skill and one mag-pick to break. There’s two mag-picks lying on a shelf nearby if you don’t have one. Once you’ve got the book, return to Vicar Max. He’s furious that it doesn’t have the information he wanted, and that it’s written in French and he can’t translate it. He needs transport to find a translator, and so he’ll ask to come with you. You can answer, “Could be a beneficial arrangement. You need a ride out of town. I wouldn’t mind a shiphand,” or else question him further and then pick the “Sounds good. Let’s go” option. He arranges to meet you at your ship.

For those playing on Supernova hoping that Vicar Max could be of some assistance, it's worth noting that he won't be available as a companion until you are ready and able to leave Terra-2 in your ship. You will have to complete Emerald Vale's major quest before he can aid you.

Vicar Max

How do I recruit SAM as a companion?

After completing the first major questline of the game and providing power to your ship you'll be able to get through the doors which ADA had previously sealed against you. SAM, which stands for Sanitation and Maintenance, is an auto mechanical found in one of the cabins on the third floor of your ship. Talking to it will get no answers; the automechanical is broken and the only reply you'll get is: "There's no response from the automechanical unit. A serial number etched in its chassis includes the letters "SAM". The only option is to choose "Leave the automechanical alone", and leave the conversation. You'll then be prompted to ask ADA about it, triggering the "The Cleaning Machine" companion quest. Choose the "Know anything about the automechanical gathering dust in the janitor's closet?" option, and Ada will tell you that it's a cleaning SAM which Hawthorne brought onto the ship. She doesn't know much more, but believes Hawthorne would have left records about it in the terminal in the captain's quarters. Head to the captain's quarters to search the terminal. The records tell you that Hawthorne found SAM in a scrapheap, and claimed it with the intent to make it combat-ready. (You'll also learn more about the game's powerful Science Weapons and start a questi to unlock them). He intended to replace a part with an Acid Steeper, but the delivery never arrived. Hawthorne found out that another Acid Steeper could be found in a storage facility in Roseway, a settlement on Terra 2. The storage facility isn't far from Roseway's landing bay. The quest marker will guide you to the location, which is completely overrun by enemies. Take the part, return to the ship, and use it on SAM. SAM will then be fully functional and available to take out of the ship as a companion. If left behind on the ship, he will continue to clean until called for.


How can I recruit Felix as a companion?

Felix can be found on The Groundbreaker. He's also a pretty easy companion to get, as he doesn't require any extra quests. After arriving at The Groundbreaker, you'll see a scuffle in the area before Customs where Felix is in an argument with a guard. After the fight's over, you can talk to Felix and he'll tell you he was in trouble for punching his boss. Your ship's been impounded; talk to Udom to get it released (which you will do as part of The Groundbreaker's first major quest line), and when you return to the ship, Felix will be waiting outside it. He asks outright to join your crew. You can question him and pretend to interview him, but once you accept him he'll either wait for you on your ship or join you.


How can I recruit Ellie as a companion?

Ellie can also be found on The Groundbreaker, but the quests to acquire her take a little more time. Ellie is in the medical clinic, which is reachable after passing customs. She's waiting in reception, and says she's worried about someone she knows who went into the sickbay some time ago and hasn't been seen since. This triggers the "Worst Contract" quest: Ellie asks you to check on the patient, Jessie. No visitors are allowed in to see Jessie, and to get in, you'll either need the Holographic Shroud and an ID cartridge, or to use the hidden entrance to the medical bay, which can be found near Gladys's offices in the Rest 'n Go. You need to crouch to find the entrance. Once in the medical bay, speak to Jessie through the door. She'll try to keep you out, but you can choose to intimidate her or persuade her to let you in. She tells you that the real reason she's holed up in there is because she's in debt to Udom, and thinks she's being targeted by debt collectors looking to kill her. To get her out, you'll need to settle her debt. Talk to Udom in his office, and he'll say you can pay her debt. There's also the option to persuade him to forgive the debt, but this will result in him indenturing her. Once you return to the medical bay, Jessie's already out and talking to Ellie. Jessie will give you 1,000 bits for helping her out. Ellie tells you that she owed Jessie a debt, and that now she owes you. She'll then offer to join your crew. If your party's already full, she'll wait for you on the ship.


How can I recruit Nyoka as a companion?

Like Parvati, Nyoka can be acquired by following the main quest. Phineas needs you to get to Stellar Bay on Monarch, and, once there, speak to a contact. But Monarch is dangerous, and he advises you to seek the help of a hunter named Nyoka. Nyoka is in The Yacht Club bar, and is willing to help you; but she's too drunk to do so, and before she can, you'll need to help sober her up. She mentions she usually takes some sort of pill, and asks you to get them for her. Heading to the dispensary, you'll learn that Nyoka is notorious for taking these and isn't allowed an extra prescription. This issue triggers the "Passion Pills" quest. The woman running the dispensary tells you that the refill orders were looked after by Dr Williams, who was the only person allowed to amend them. Dr Williams is dead. The pills themselves are in a locked room upstairs; you can either lie or persuade the woman running the dispensary, pick the lock, or search Dr Williams' body in the cemetery outside of town to get the key. Once you've got the pills, return to Nyoka. As usual, there's the option to decline her as a companion; but accept her, and you've got the final companion.


Getting all six companions will unlock the "One For All" achievement. Stay tuned for more info on completing companion questlines, plus our top tips for safely getting off the ground in Supernova difficulty.

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