Overwatch 2 Will Have Playable PvE at Blizzcon, According to ESPN Report

By Heidi Nicholas,
ESPN say that Overwatch 2 will be unveiled at this week's BlizzCon, and will have new game modes and maps, along with new heroes and a focus on PvE features.

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Blizzard Entertainment have yet to confirm anything about Overwatch 2, but ESPN say they're getting this information from a BlizzCon source, along with a BlizzCon training document which contains details about Overwatch 2. One of the new missions, according to ESPN, will be four-player instead of 6v6, and will take place in Rio de Janeiro. ESPN also indicate that story will play a bigger part of Overwatch 2, but that a new "Push" gameplay mode will also be introduced, and will reportedly be set in Toronto. PvE, meanwhile, will apparently get hero talents. ESPN say that the PvE story and Push gameplay mode can be played by those who attend BlizzCon this weekend. The idea about PvE features in Overwatch has been circling for some time, with ESPN further referring to an earlier Kotaku article, which also hinted at PvE playing a big part in Overwatch's sequel. BlizzCon starts this Friday and runs until Sunday, and so there's not long to wait to find out more about these reports.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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