Epic Sues Fortnite Chapter 2 Leaker

By Sean Carey,
Epic Games has opened a lawsuit against a playtester that leaked details about Fortnite Chapter 2. A lawsuit filed at a North Carolina court alleges that Ronald Sykes leaked information about Fortnite Chapter 2, breaking a non-disclosure agreement.

Chapter 2

Fortnite went offline for two days earlier in October and was replaced with a black hole. The marketing stunt titled "The End" broke viewership records on both Twitter and Twitch, with more than 1.7 million people watching the black hole in anticipation for something to happen. The game then came back online in the form of Fortnite Chapter 2 with a new map and gameplay changes. It was something that the Epic had worked on for months and was "the result of considerable, planning, creativity and effort by Epic's employees."

Epic's lawyers claim that "Sykes cashed in on what he learned as a User Experience tester for Epic. He did so at the expense of Epic and those in the Fortnite community who were anxiously awaiting the new season of Fortnite only to have some of Epic’s planned surprises spoiled by Sykes’ leaks."

In late September, Sykes took part in Epic's User Experience Testing and played some of Fortnite's new content. As described in the lawsuit, it took Sykes just three days to begin leaking information. A Twitter account by the handle of @snipa_King2K — that is believed to be Sykes — tweeted "I played S11 and can tell you the new stuff." Another account @DriFtZz that is also thought to be Sykes replied to various Twitter users with the following tweets: "Bro next season is godly, trust me", " I played it, and season 11 is it!" Sykes is believed to have continued to leak information from a number of different Twitter accounts including an image of the new map and that players would be able to swim.

The filing states that "Epic has sustained and will continue to sustain damages in an amount to be determined" as a result of Sykes breaching the NDA. Epic is asking for the maximum amount of damages from Sykes for "misappropriation of Epic's trade secrets."

Epic Games has previously sued a former QA contractor over leaks relating to Fortnite's fourth season.

Source: Polygon
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