Afterparty Review Roundup

By Heidi Nicholas,
Afterparty is an action-adventure game about two friends drinking their way out of Hell. It's making its way straight to Game Pass when it launches tomorrow, and reviews are already popping up. It looks as though Afterparty will be one of those unexpected indie gems. Below, you can see a roundup of the reviews so far:

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IGN: 8.5/10.0 "Tackling some heady ideas with a down-to-earth approach makes Afterparty’s raucous, emotionally moving night in Hell one to remember."
GamesRadar+: 3.5/5 "Afterparty is a comedy game through and through, and that’s its strongest feat."
PC Gamer: 80/100 "The top-notch writing and superb voice acting, coupled with the visually vibrant hellscape, keeps your interest from start to finish."
Gamespot: 7/10 "Afterparty revels in the small, personal acts of cruelty and kindness that define us, and while the ways it imparts lessons aren't always up to task with the material, it nonetheless treads exciting ground as a story about the work it takes to be a better person."
Eurogamer: Eurogamer Recommended "While I love nothing more than Night School Studios' deadpan humour, Afterparty, like Oxenfree before it, really resonates with me in the way it portrays relationships, both between characters and in a wider sense."
Metacritic: Metascore of 80/100

Afterparty releases tomorrow, October 29th. Join Sean over on our Mixer channel tomorrow from 5pm GMT as he starts out with the game!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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