EA Release the Official Launch Trailer for Need for Speed Heat

By Heidi Nicholas,
While we're still waiting for the Need for Speed Heat achievements list to drop, EA have revealed the game's launch trailer ahead of release in just under two weeks. Police chases follow street races, as the trailer showcases the increased pressure which night brings to Palm City.

This trailer features a street race on the city streets at night and the reaction of the police. "Street racing has no place on public roads", says an officer. "If you are out there engaging in this type of activity, we will find you. There is no escape." Police helicopters are shown following a race, with officers escorting racers away in handcuffs. In Need for Speed Heat, night is for building a Rep. Illicit street races ramp up Rep, but the police are on high alert when night falls in Palm City, and this trailer showcases that increased pressure.

EA are still taking applications for a personalised launch trailer, as NFS Heat and the NFS Heat Studio app have teamed up to allow fans to make a unique version of the video. Players just need to have created a custom car in the app, and then send the email connected to their EA account. The Studio team will then choose a ride from the Showroom of those chosen, which will feature in the trailer. Fans can send their email any time before the game releases on November 8th.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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